At Midnight

At Midnight, oil on canvas, 12″x16″. Sold.

Here we are in our second week of October, which means that I’m into my second week of Schocktoberfest.  This is a terrible tradition that John started years ago which consists of at least one scary movie every night until Halloween.  This year there’s been a few iffy ones like the 1980’s classic ‘Chopping Mall’ which really had nothing to do with any ‘chopping’ (thank god) but rather three killer security robots in a shopping mall and lots of death by laser beams. In terms of actual ‘scary’, I would say the Conjuring 2 scared me the most with the creepy nun/man/demon thingy.  I actually hid under my covers after watching that and sweated until I mercifully passed out.  The Taking of Deborah Logan was also creepy and very well acted, and American Horror Story Hotel has made me never want to check into a hotel again unless it’s the Four Seasons– and even then I’m checking the mattress.  I’m fairly certain that John will also insist that we watch ‘The Witch’ again because we’re pretty convinced that Finnegan (our beloved King Charles Spaniel) is actually Black Phillip, the mischievous devil goat. On occasion he gets the same glint of evil in his eyes.



The Villainess

The Villainess. Oil on canvas, 12″x14″.  Sold.

Let’s talk lady villains.  I’ve always had a fascination towards villainesses (I’m not even sure if that’s a word, but who cares).  Particularly if they dress like Joan Crawford, own wild animals, and wear a monocle.  That’s another fascination of mine, women with monocles.  My favourite Slim Aarons photograph is Monocled Miss.  She’s so glamorous and mysterious, lounging in bed with her newspaper and her honeydew melon breakfast.  Also captured in that one image is the memory of my favourite board game ‘Clue’– Colonel Mustard perhaps? Anyway, I’m off to enjoy a martini and plot someone’s demise.



Hopscotch, oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  Sold.

I considered calling this piece ‘Second Childhood’ but I figured that might be a little obvious, so I settled on ‘Hopscotch’ which is an even more obvious choice but I like how the word sounds.  Hopscotch!  Then, I wondered why the game is called ‘Hopscotch’.  I get the hop part but not the scotch part.  Maybe before it turned into a child’s game it was a drunkard’s game?  I don’t think that’s coffee in her cup.