Shaded Stars, The Home For Retired Showgirls

Shaded Stars, The Home For Retired Showgirls.  20″x24″, oil on canvas.  Sold

The other day as I was printing out a ‘Tallulah Shaw Rehearses Before Her Final Show.  1959‘  print, I found myself a little sad.  What happens to the Tallulahs of the world after they retire from showbiz?   Do they end up eating soup and crackers in a dimly lit studio apartment somewhere south of horrible?  Or, do they go someplace very special?  In Janetland, it has to be special.  So here are a few retirees enjoying their semi-retirement….they don’t let go of those costumes too easily.

You may  notice that I used the term ‘showgirls’ loosely as there is at least one or two circus ladies in attendance.