The Ruffled Edges

The Ruffled Edges, oil on canvas, 10″x12″.

I was in the mood to paint a still life as I haven’t done one in a while.  That’s about it.    There’s nothing really more to this story except that I ate an unusually large amount of black licorice while painting this piece.   I discovered Australian black licorice when I went to the grocery store to get the roses for the painting and it has been one sided love affair ever since.  But that is likely of little importance or interest to anyone but me.


Picnic Posies

Summer is really on the brain.  I wanted to put a dragonfly in with this particular piece but I had a very bad experience with one yesterday when I was walking Finnegan.  It flew right into my face and for a split second I was certain I was being electrocuted.  They’re fascinating to watch but take my word for it- if one flies towards you… and close your mouth.

I did however put a little ladybug in.  Just keeping it real.



Starlight, oil on canvas, 8″x8″.  Sold.

And so we have slinked into summer officially.  I love summer….I love the fact that I actually was able to grow some climbing roses along our fence this year.  Blaze.  They are bright red and bursting out all over the place.  I’m not very successful with plants but these roses are taking on a life of their own.  I also love how summer makes everything seem a little more dreamy.  You don’t have to move so fast, or get so much stuff done.  You can justify sitting out in your backyard with a glass of ice tea and stare out at your red roses for a good long while.   I felt these ‘starry shoes’ tied in well with the slightly more daydreamy aspects of this time of year.