The Lilac Thief

The Lilac Thief, oil on canvas, 7″x9″. Sold.

I’m giddy with excitement over our lilac tree’s green leaves.  Green leaves!  After six months of grim winter grey and blecky brown… finally there is green in the garden. I’m also hopped up on allergy medication which is making me even more giddy.  And it’s Friday! And there’s sunshine and I’ve just discovered the best recapper in the world (is that even a word??) of the reality show that I pretend I never watch but I really do privately– Southern Charm.  Anyone who can draw an accurate comparison between Game of Thrones and Southern Charm gets a check mark in my book.  Here’s the recap from the last episode if you do watch.  If you don’t, please don’t hold it against me. I know I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night and wish I hadn’t wrote this.

Have a great weekend!


Atticus Bailey Takes A Day Off

Atticus Bailey Takes A Day Off, oil on canvas, 16″x20″.  Sold.

Atticus Bailey is the character in the snappy white suit and smart yellow bow-tie.   I think he was a workaholic until one beautiful spring day he came to his senses and took a day off to see what he had been missing.   Apparently, he had been missing quite a lot.   I was going to call this painting ‘Spring Maidens’ as an homage to spring which at the moment seems to be hiding somewhere.  I wanted to capture that first warm spring day when the air makes you dizzy with excitement.   Perhaps if I paint it, it will come.  Oh, and the name?   A mix of two of my favourite characters of course:  George Bailey and Atticus Finch.