Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House


I’m running a little behind on chapter three (two paintings to go) but I hope to have it online within three weeks.  In the meantime, here is another cover possibility.  I’m digging the fairies with this one.  As well as her ‘I’m a little drunk and I give up’ expression.  She’s not really drunk….or is she?? I wonder what shenanigans could possibly transpire in the third chapter to bring her to this tormented place.  Stay tuned!

At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Fawn Fielding Enjoyed Medieval Poetry, Spoke Fluent Italian, And Possessed Above Average Telekinetic Abilities.

At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Fawn Fielding Enjoyed Medieval Poetry, Spoke Fluent Italian, And Possessed Above Average Telekinetic Abilities.  16″x20″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

I think I should do more paintings of this strange Ursula Academy.  It seems pretty rich for the storytelling if you ask me.   This is actually born out of a scary experience for me when I was young.   I have this memory of turning on the television in the middle of the afternoon- likely on a Saturday.  I seem to recall that I was enjoying a grape freezie and wearing my pink jelly shoes, but that could be my imagination just playing games on me.   I likely did some channel surfing with one of those clunky looking channel changers circa 1985 until I came across this weird movie.  There was a girl with big curly hair moving things with her mind.  WITH HER MIND!!   This terrified me but I didn’t understand why.  I think I was familiar with the idea of telekinesis having spent many a bored afternoon focused on my Barbie trying to get it to move WITH MY MIND, but it must have been the way it was presented in the film.  I mentioned this to John as I was painting this painting and he immediately recognized it as ‘The Fury’ which was directed by Brian De Palma.   It all made sense.  No one can creep me out as much as Brian De Palma, thank you very much.  John also mentioned that we own the movie so guess what I’m going to do tonight.  Perhaps I’ll watch it while enjoying a cool and refreshing grape freezie too.

I should also mention that my website is being re-designed so from time to time it may look weird.  There’s testing and other web weirdness that will go on behind the scenes for the next few months.  So if you visit and things are all over the place,  don’t worry, it’s not permanent.  Have a grape freezie and stay cool.


The Day The Wallpaper Came To Life


The Day The Wallpaper Came To Life, 8″x10″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

I’ve depicted a real fear of mine- no kidding.   Fortunately only an ant and a ladybug appear to have crossed over, but wallpaper kind of freaks me out, which is likely why I enjoy painting it so much.

Happy Weekend!


Lost Shadow

Lost Shadow, oil on canvas panel, 8″x10″.  Sold.

I’ve been working on a few ‘sketchy’ pieces lately.  I’m also going through a moody garden phase- whatever that means.  And yes the poor girl to the left has lost her shadow.  Doesn’t look too good for her.

Oh, and these are not painted on my usual stretched canvas- they’re on canvas panel, which is basically a flat board with a canvas surface.  They will need to be either framed or  have an adhesive sticky hook applied to the back.  Or you can just stick it on a shelf- like I often do.