Twelve Days at the Penny Fontaine Hotel.

Welcome to the Penny Fontaine Hotel! It doesn’t exist in real life, but that won’t stop us from visiting it for twelve days.  This hotel was inspired by all of the lucky people who got to visit warmer climates this winter. Thanks Instagram. That sounded snarky, but really, it was inspiration for this series. I’m not entirely sure where the Penny Fontaine is situated; it started off as a Tulum-esque type place, but morphed more into Harbour Island, Bahamas.

I’ve completed five paintings so far, and there are twelve in total– hence twelve days– one painting for each day of the imaginary trip. So far we have an island bike ride, pretend-playing at dominoes over lunch, worshiping the warrior mermaid that protects the island, sandal shopping, and visiting with the resident tomcat ‘Folklore’ and his harem. Plenty more to come….

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