The Devil’s Food Cake

The Devil’s Food Cake, oil on canvas, 10″x12″.  Sold.

So what makes a ‘Devil’s Food Cake’ so devilish anyway?  I love how certain foods, particularly desserts and British delicacies, get such descriptive and imaginative names.   Someone should write and illustrate a book just about weird food names…..Toad In The Hole, Eton Mess,  Angel Food Cake vs Devil’s Food Cake, Bubble and Squeak,  Fairy Cakes, Cullen Skink, and of course my personal favourite: Spotted Dick.

Have you ever been too embarrassed to order something because of the name?  I likely have and I know John has.   Years ago I got him hooked on ‘Snickerdoodle’ coffee that was served at a local coffee shop in town.   I personally don’t find the name that bad, but for some reason John felt a little emasculated requesting that coffee (even though he LOVED it) and so whenever it appeared as the ‘Daily Feature’ coffee, he made sure to pop in for a cup.  Although, he would ask for ‘The Daily Feature Coffee’ in his manliest and deepest voice, rather than requesting it by its proper name.  If you can’t say it, perhaps you shouldn’t drink it.