Crepes For Suzette

Crepes For Suzette, oil on canvas, 12″x16″.  Sold.

So how about those magic miniatures- right?   I know it got a little wacky and I’m very sorry to those of you who tried to snag one but couldn’t.   There seemed to be quite the drama surrounding the event- including ‘cart stealing’.  Technically not stealing I suppose- but apparently your order isn’t safe until paypal has taken the money- before that, what you had in your cart can be taken right back out of it and sold to someone else.  Imagine that happening in real life….rude!

There will be more miniatures but not for a while.   I threw my neck out while painting them.   My whole body is made of thread or something- and when something is pulled the wrong way, everything spirals out of control.   I had my neck bent at a funny position as I painted them (they’re too small for my easel) and so I just held them in my hand and well, I had a bad case of stiff granny neck for a week.  Then,  John and I went to see that ‘Pacific Rim’ movie- yes, the one with the giant robots that battle the giant alien sea monsters (I enjoy sea monsters) and there was something about the way the IMAX seats slanted back that really helped the granny neck.  The fact that the entire theater smelled like a sweaty fourteen year old boy and the fact that I lost my hearing for two days was still worth it .

From alien sea monsters to cats that enjoy crepes.  Daisy (my cat) eats Christmas cake whenever the opportunity presents itself.   Therefore crepes with orange sauce is not that far fetched.