Water Lotus And Neptune

Water Lotus And Neptune.  Oil On Canvas, 18″x24″.  For sale on etsy.

I think I should start a new series on just green vases.  They keep making appearances in my paintings, and in my house.    When I started this piece, I had every intention on making the vase blue, but it insisted on being green and since my ‘colour brain’ completely shuts off when I paint (no conscious thoughts allowed), I really couldn’t fix it.  I’ve made my peace with it now and I hope you can too… Next obsession brewing could be shells and other pointy patterned things that come from the sea and I wouldn’t entirely rule out a sea monster either.


Chicoree Tin

Chicoree Tin, 9″x12″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

I tried really hard to put the acute accent on the ‘e’ in Chicoree, but my keyboard won’t let me. Stupid keyboard.

Someone recently told me that I seem ‘stand-off-ish’ with my posts.  Do I seem stand-off-ish?  or aloof perhaps?   Truth is, I’ve just been painting and painting, and working on the book.  My brain is switched off social mode and I’ve become a crabby little hermit.    John screamed (high pitched variety) and spilled his coffee when he saw me the other morning- I forgot to comb my hair.  That happens in hermit mode.