The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink. Part Two.

The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink.  Part Two.  8″x10″, oil on canvas. For sale on etsy.

John has informed me that this is a truly ridiculous painting.   However he keeps looking at it and smiling so I just think he’s jealous that he’s not Edward Pink with all of his problems.   So there you go, Edward Pink is still being kidnapped but he’s no longer on a sailboat, rather a speedboat somewhere south of someplace beautiful.


Magic Miniatures

I’ve been working on some teeny tiny paintings lately and I’ve taken to calling them ‘Magic Miniatures’.  They are little (palm of your hand little) and pretty quirky.   I have so many ideas for paintings and quite often these ideas go nowhere.   Either they don’t translate well- from brain to canvas or their stories aren’t really stories- rather only a sentence or a blurb.  So I decided to see if they worked better on a tiny canvas and much to my surprise they did (I think).  I have around fifteen on the go and the subjects range from kidnappings, ghosts, cats, teachers, and other odds and ends.   If you are interested in acquiring a ‘magic miniature’ then please check my etsy shop on Wednesday July 10th at 4pm EST when I will be listing the lot of them.   They are roughly 2.5 inches square and will likely be around $50 each.