Mademoiselle Mink

Mademoiselle Mink is here to even the score.   She is the counterpart to Miss Moon and she’s not your average cat lady- but more on that another time.    I realized that I haven’t been giving cats a fair shake and dogs seem to steal the spotlight with my animal themed work.   In fairness, I find painting cats difficult.  They always look like puffy fuzzballs with messed up ‘crazy killer’ eyes.  Not in real life of course,  just how I seem to depict them.   Although, Persian cats in particular do look a little demonic no matter how well they are painted.   I had a Persian cat named Brie (yes, just like the cheese), but she died a few years ago when she was sixteen years old.   Although I didn’t name her, it turned out that the name ‘Brie’ suited her because she kind of smelled like bad brie.  She also snorted, snored and spat on a regular basis, and her eyes leaked a viscous fluid.  John was frightened of her when he first met her (he called her a goblin cat) but he quickly got used to her and they formed a loving friendship.   Although, sometimes late at night- usually during a bad thunderstorm John’s fear of her is resurrected when sees a shadow and becomes convinced that Brie has returned from the beyond grave.