Elaina Of The Everglades

I’ve been wanting to post about this for some time but with things being rather hectic for the past few months, it has been really put on the back burner, or perhaps even worse,  buried in the bottom of my closet- a terrible terrain where certain things disappear and are rarely, if ever, seen again.

Last year I began working on a book.  It started off as the book for my ‘Black Walnut Manor’ series but morphed quickly into something else entirely- as things often do with me ….  I start off painting a duck and it turns into a woman pirate with three strokes of a brush.  I think the book is best described as illustrated fiction- possibly magical realism, and to be truthful, it likely has no place in the publishing world.  It is not for children- although, possibly suitable for twelve and up and it contains almost as many pictures as text, but it is not a graphic novel- so it would occupy a funny place in the adult book market- that is if one even exists.  Do adults read picture books?

The story is told through a series of vignettes and character profiles that all interconnect.  It is whimsical, a little dark, and according to those who have read it, humorous as well.   Perhaps it is more a piece of visual art than a book.  Whatever it may be,  I have really enjoyed working on it and I hope to return to working on it soon. In fact, this random post is likely a kick in my own pants to get myself to finish it,  so that I can reveal more about it aside from the one character, ‘Elaina Of The Everglades’  who I will only say, possesses certain magical gifts.

My apologies for those who have been waiting patiently for new original work to appear.   My time is really divided right now- but I’m hoping to have a still life completed in the next day or two.  Something spring-like and cheery.