The Book Club

The Book Club, oil on canvas, 11″x14″. SOLD.

My mother belongs to a book club. If you ask me, it keeps her out of trouble. Although, I’m very skeptical as to what exactly goes on at these so-called book club meetings. Is it all an excuse to eat, drink, and talk about the other women that aren’t there? Perhaps. I’ll likely never join a book club, I prefer to just enjoy the drinks, food, and the gossip with out the artifice of intelligence.

The Piano Singer

The Piano Singer, oil on canvas, 8″x10″. SOLD.

The Blue Nightgown

The Blue Nightgown, oil on canvas, 12″x16″. SOLD.

This is what I felt like doing all day…..

Palm Springs

Palm Springs, 11″x14″, oil on canvas. SOLD.

Next Painting On Sunday

I was hoping to get a painting finished today, but it looks like it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll post it tomorrow evening instead. I figured that was a better idea than posting something that looks like I painted it with my eyes closed. I drank a little too much coffee today and things just went awry.
Oh, and my prints should be arriving on Wednesday this week. My apologies for the delay. I know I’ve got some very polite buyers who have been waiting for almost two weeks for their orders. I really appreciate your patience.

Olives And Cassis

Olives And Cassis, oil on canvas, 9″x12″. SOLD.

Thursday Morning

I was going to post a painting today, but then a storm blew through and my light went and I couldn’t get a decent photo of my painting. Excuses, excuses. So, I’ll post it at noon tomorrow when my light is better- I hope.
I did manage to get a cute shot of Finnegan and Daisy this morning waiting for the garbage truck. I don’t think that quite makes up for the lack of painting, but I’m doing my best.

Ruby And Her Yellow Bird Barrette

Ruby And Her Yellow Bird Barrette, oil on canvas, 8″x10″. SOLD.

There’s just something about a bird barrette that gets me excited. I gasped during the Sex And The City movie when Carrie revealed herself in her wedding dress with the blue bird wedged on the side of her head. I wondered why didn’t I wear a bird on my head for my wedding….? I did haul out my grandmother’s brooch and had a french manicure on my tiny artist-mangled nails. That’s saying something-right?

Anyway, I guess I’ll just have to live through Ruby’s yellow bird for the time being until I get the opportunity to put a sparrow on my head.

What Inspires…..

Colossal Cakes (top image), oil on canvas, 11″x14″. SOLD.

I thought I would share where my latest bout of inspiration came from for today’s painting. Last night, I was wandering around my husband’s bookstore and I stumbled upon this beautiful cookbook, or rather cakebook called ‘Organic And Chic’ by Sarah Magid. It was the cover that stopped me cold in my tracks. I’m such a sucker for covers and packaging and pretty labels. I thumbed through the book and couldn’t believe how beautiful the photography was (and the food of course). It is a really beautiful book and suddenly I was inspired to paint some cakes again. I may even try baking a few, but as I mentioned before, I’m the world’s worst baker, but who knows, can practice make perfect? Or will it end up with a pile of flour, sugar, and eggs gone terribly wrong? Very likely.

A Fruity Bordeaux

A Fruity Bordeaux, oil on canvas, 8″x10″. SOLD.

Because sometimes you just need a fruity Bordeaux.

The Record Player

The Record Player, oil on canvas, 8″x10″. SOLD.


Rowan, 6″x6″, oil on canvas. SOLD.