Sometimes I stick my head in ice cream cones

Now let this be a lesson to everyone:  If you drink a glass or two of Chardonnay in the afternoon, you could end up like me.  This was a dare on my husband’s part- okay, I asked him if he would dare me and so he said that he ‘dared me’ and before you could say ‘Ice Cream!’,  I was elbowing  some kids away from the plywood ice cream cone and crouching down to have my picture taken.  Then he dared me to put it on my blog and that is exactly what I did.  I respond to dares you see.

Oh, that’s also my real hand by the way just in case you weren’t quite certain.

Happy Summer!

The Hosts

The Hosts, 8″x10″, oil on canvas board.  For sale on etsy.

Here are a couple more sketchy sketch paintings on canvas board.  Is it just me or are these hosts slightly sinister?  Just a tad perhaps.  It keeps them from being boring.

Yes, I have been watching the 1990’s remake of the ‘Dark Shadows’ series.  Such cheesy fun.


Dogs As Children

My husband brought this home from work the other day.  It speaks volumes about my relationship with my King Charles Spaniel-  ‘Finnegan’.  I totally understand why this man might be carrying his large poodle down the street- I’ve done this too, plenty of times.  When Finnegan was younger he refused to walk in the rain.  If it rained while we were walking, I would have to carry him home- which sometimes has been quite a distance.  He also has ‘dog fear’ which has resulted in having to pick him up to carry him past dogs he finds threatening.  I never know what to say to the owner of the other dog as it seems offensive- like ‘my dog is too good to walk past your dog’.  But my favourite is having to do this in social situations.  On occasion I will bring him along to parties, although I do this less and less for this very reason.  If there is another dog at the party, like say a nine pound Bichon Frise, I have to carry Finnegan around with me- just as shown with his legs and arms wrapped around me ‘Koala Bear Style’.  Finnegan is 27 pounds (yes he’s tall for a King Charles) and it makes for a very awkward conversation, especially when he’s pulling and tearing at my dress while trying to get to my canape.  He doesn’t demand this of my husband, just me.  Thank God I have a husband though as I’m sure if I were single, I would never get another date again.

On a separate note I hope to have some original ‘oil sketches’ available later today.  Think ‘mysterious ladies in fancy gardens’.


Cherries Jubilee

Perhaps my timing is a little off with this one.  I should have created it around the time of the big Jubilee a couple of weeks back.   I’ve never had Cherries Jubilee but I have no doubt it would be delicious.  I’m thinking perhaps a ‘Bananas Foster’ painting should follow? Or a ‘Mangos Diablo’…Sounds wickedly wonderful.


The Pajama Top

They don’t make pajamas like they used to- at least not on a mass market level it seems.  What’s with the fuzzy neon pink pajamas that seem to lurk about many women’s lingerie shops these days?  It’s like you have two extremes to choose from:  incredibly lacy and uncomfortable- and let’s face it, not exactly meant for sleeping, or the opposite- childlike extra baggy and ugly bright….and yes, I do have a bright pink robe (seen in my Christmas photo last year) but as I said, it was a gift from my mother-in-law.  I wish someone would bring back the sophisticated yet comfortable pajamas that women used to wear.  Satin or cotton with pretty details.  Something that wouldn’t make you feel like a glow- in- the- dark cartoon character and something that would make your significant other do a serious double-take.



Telling A Story

I just thought I would share what I’ve been working on lately.  I’ve actually been writing- well, kind of.  Scribbles and half sentences that hopefully will morph into the actual text for my narrative series ‘Black Walnut Manor’.    I won’t be releasing anymore paintings for this series as I don’t want to give everything away prematurely.  From the beginning I could see the series in book form which is strange as I’ve never considered writing anything before but it just seemed like the natural direction to take with this.   There’s so much to tell and although pictures do a lot of the narrative work, I felt that words would help the story along.

Also  You may have noticed that I’ve set aside my ‘364 Days Of Dresses’ series, which I’ve had to in order to focus my attention on this.  I try not to abandon things, but sometimes you have to set certain projects aside in order to get something done.  I’m very easily distracted.

I am releasing limited prints of the so-called ‘Family Crest’ of the Westlake family (pictured) and you can take a peek at it in my etsy shop right here!


I love perfume and I can remember every bottle that I ever bought, or was given to me.  As a child, I recall seeing a bottle of Joy by Jean Patou sitting on a dressing table all alone.  I have no clue where this was but the black/dark blue bottle with the red cap mesmerized me.  It was strange and sophisticated and slightly sinister.  It seemed like the pinnacle of womanhood and I was going to wear it when I grew up.   However, as a pre-teen I started off wearing what many young girls in the eighties wore:  Charlie.  I thought I was so mature and sophisticated and those magazine ads with the blonde patting the man’s behind was my first glimpse into the promise of being a strong, beautiful, and slightly aggressive woman.

Throughout high school,  I worked my way up to Poison, Coco Chanel and Chloe- the one that smelled like apricots.  After that there was a melange of Body Shop fragrance oils until I discovered Opium.  It was Christmas and I was in my fourth year at university and I was angry at my cheating boyfriend and decided to go shopping.  It smelled of revenge, and I loved it.  I  dumped the boy and kept the scent.  Next was Mitsouko and I’m not sure how I stumbled upon that one- I suspect it was the bottle design that lured me.  It was old and unusual and promised something exotic.  It’s one that I got many comments on- good comments.  Unfortunately I met someone who wore it too and instead of lightly applying it, she had a habit of dousing herself in it.  Mitsouko is complex, powdery, peppery and definitely not one to apply too liberally.  Just a dab.  That’s all you need.  These days I tend to wear lighter fragrances- happy ones.  I love Kate Spade’s Twirl as to me it smells like something sparkling- maybe champagne.  I mix it up sometimes with Tocca’s Stella and Fragonard’s Rose de Mai.  However, every once and I while I take out my Opium for a spin.  It’s good to remind yourself of where you’ve been.


Odette’s Fan

Odette’s Fan, oil on canvas, 6″x6″. Sold.

My apologies for not listing these on my blog yesterday. I listed them in my etsy store last night then somehow managed to forget to post them on my blog.
Just a heads up about posting times for the next few days. I’ve embarked on what my husband describes as his ‘birthday week’ so there are a number of little events going on for the next few days as my husband hits the 40 year mark (heh heh, I still have just over five years before I do that), so paintings will be posted at odd times for the next little while. I won’t be posting anything today, but should have two ready for tomorrow and will try and post them at around 4:00 est.

Pretty Pink Shoes

Pretty Pink Shoes, oil on canvas, 8″x10″. Sold.

The Cocktail Hour

The Cocktail Hour, oil on canvas, 11″x14″. Sold.

The Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly, oil on canvas, 11″x14. Sold

One has to wonder if she’s either putting the shoes on, or perhaps taking them off. I’m very fond of wearing heels myself, but there has been many a night I wanted to tear them off and throw them across the room, and perhaps even stomp on them.

I’ll be taking tomorrow off to do fun things like clean my windows- which have not been cleaned in the five years that I’ve lived in my house. I’m so looking forward to it. I personally feel that this is ‘man’s work’ but my husband is more of a prima donna than I am about doing such chores. Please check back for my next post on Sunday evening. Enjoy the weekend!

Zucchini Blossoms

Zucchini Blossoms, oil on canvas, 12″x16″. Sold.

Red Rose

Red Rose, oil on canvas, 12″x16″. Sold.

Penelope’s Bedroom

Penelope’s Bedroom, oil on canvas, 11″x14″. Sold.

I’ll be taking the next two days off, so please check back on Wednesday for my next painting.

The Bellini Party

The Bellini Party, oil on canvas, 12″x16″. Sold.

Now this is my kind of party. So much so, that I think I’m going to throw a Bellini party myself once peach season hits. Look at that- I just inspired myself. Who knew?