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Fear of flying

cali trip
Last week I did something that I very rarely do which was to take a vacation.  I was coming up on an important birthday (I'm sure you can guess which number I hit) and I wanted to do something very special to celebrate.  For years I've had a bee in... Read More »


Hello everyone!  I'm back and the sale is on!  The prices listed in the shop are the full prices so in order to get the 25% discount you have to enter JUMPSTART in the coupon code box at checkout!  Sale ends October 8th at 11pm.... Read More »

At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Veronica Golightly excelled in haiku, astronomy, and mathematics. She also enjoyed mid-eighteenth century butterfly paintings, and she had recently perfected the delicate art of levitation.

At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Veronica Golighty excelled in Haiku, astronomy, and mathematics.  She also enjoyed mid-eighteenth century butterfly paintings, and she had recently perfected the delicate art of levitation.  Oil... Read More »

Hotel du Lac

Hotel du Lac, oil on canvas, 20"x24".  Sold. It really is the naked man that makes this piece complete.   It was a tough decision though, keeping his swim trunks off.   John and I got into a terrible fight about it the other night while we... Read More »

Julie Blue’s Marvelous New Swim Cap

Julie Blue's Marvelous New Swim Cap, oil on canvas, 10"x12".  Sold. I don't really know what to say about this piece, but I will point out that there is a frog in her marvelous swim cap.   I will also state that I'm delirious today because this... Read More »


The Monster- blackfrid
We've stumbled upon that special time of year again!  I've put the shop on 'vacation' until this Friday to prepare for our Black Friday Sale.   The prices listed are NOT the sale prices.  In order to get the 20% off, you have to enter... Read More »

Elaina Of The Everglades

I've been wanting to post about this for some time but with things being rather hectic for the past few months, it has been really put on the back burner, or perhaps even worse,  buried in the bottom of my closet- a terrible terrain where certain... Read More »

December Hibernation

    This month I had big plans to hibernate.   The kind of hibernation that calls for unflattering pajama pants, cups of hot chocolate laced with brandy, a hefty stack of magazines, and more than just a few sugar cookies.  For... Read More »

Copyright Infringement Update

I know that several readers were very interested and concerned with my copyright infringement situation and so I thought I would give an update.  As most of you can imagine the past few weeks have been bizarre.  Most of my time has been spent... Read More »


It's that time of year again!  I must say for a while there I wasn't certain if we were actually going to have our sale this year but I figured why not let chaos reign.  Of course, now that I have said that, it will probably be a very quiet... Read More »

Copyright Infringement Issues

    Just an update to the current copyright infringement issues that I am having.   I am currently working with those involved in this issue to come to a resolution which will have to remain private.   The infringement is... Read More »

Functioning at 30%

I'm sleep deprived.  Seriously seriously big time sleep deprived and the only thing that I can compare it to is the pain and exhaustion on Mia's Farrow's face as she carries Satan's baby in her belly.  It started at the beginning of the month when... Read More »

The Houseguest

The Houseguest-sl
The Houseguest, 11"x14", oil on canvas.  Sold. I just felt like embellishing the idea of a cat lady.  Although, something about her seems a little less than pleased with having to wait on him hand and foot.  ... Read More »

The Hosts

The Hosts, 8"x10", oil on canvas board.  For sale on etsy. Here are a couple more sketchy sketch paintings on canvas board.  Is it just me or are these hosts slightly sinister?  Just a tad perhaps.  It keeps them from being boring. Yes, I... Read More »