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Beauregard, oil on canvas, 7"x9".  For sale on etsy.

Introducing Beauregard the little porcelain bunny.   Up until recently, I would have preferred a real bunny, but due to something that I like to call 'The Bunny Wars', I'm on the fence... Read More »


Nightshade, oil on canvas, 10"x10".  Sold.

Truth be told, there is is no actual nightshade in this painting.  I suppose it's the starry wallpaper background that led to the title of the painting.  At least I think that's wallpaper. ... Read More »

A Wild Bunch

A Wild Bunch, oil on canvas, 11"x14".  For sale on etsy.

A wild bunch indeed.  Did I go a little crazy with the critters?  Perhaps a bit.  But the Dutch masters were fond of the critters as well, so there's really no point in holding... Read More »