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Shimmer and Twinkle

  Hello everyone!   I've been busy working on a larger piece but over the weekend I managed to complete two sweet little still life paintings called 'Shimmer' And 'Twinkle'.   Hope they add a little sparkle to your day! Read More »

Gypsy And The Tassel

Gypsy And The Tassel, 18"x24", oil on canvas.  Sold. Poor Gypsy, I think she will forever be tormented by the lantern tassel.  The other day it occurred to me that animals might be optimists.   Every morning Finnegan waits by John's side and... Read More »

The New Bohemian

  The New Bohemian, 11"x14", oil on canvas.  For sale on etsy. I bought a cactus the other day.  This is a big deal as I haven't bought a houseplant since I had a bad experience with an orchid ten years ago.  I still can't bring myself... Read More »

Water Lotus And Neptune

Water Lotus And Neptune.  Oil On Canvas, 18"x24".  For sale on etsy. I think I should start a new series on just green vases.  They keep making appearances in my paintings, and in my house.    When I started this piece, I had every intention... Read More »