Mademoiselle Mink Breakfasts In Bed

Mademoiselle Mink Breakfasts In Bed, oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  Sold.

I’ve taken to calling Mademoiselle Mink ‘Slinky Mink’ because well, she’s a little slinky and sly.   I am also envious of her ability to enjoy milk products- something that I sadly lack.   And on another note, I thought I should mention that my lovely English nieces are arriving later this week and so the next few weeks will be chaotic.  Throw in my mother-in-law who is arriving next week and I will likely have very little time to get any work done.  However, I will still try my hardest to carve out some quality studio time in between beach trips and lactose-free ice cream binges.


The Day The Wallpaper Came To Life


The Day The Wallpaper Came To Life, 8″x10″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

I’ve depicted a real fear of mine- no kidding.   Fortunately only an ant and a ladybug appear to have crossed over, but wallpaper kind of freaks me out, which is likely why I enjoy painting it so much.

Happy Weekend!


For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow

For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow, oil on canvas. 10″x12″.  Sold.

He looks a little surprised- you think?   I think it’s definitely a surprise party and he’s well chuffed.   I hope everyone is making the most out of summer.  Of late, I’ve been working on the book like a mad woman and growing things in the garden like red roses and pink peonies.   I’m slowly overcoming my fear of creepy crawlies- baby steps.   Tomorrow is the ‘super moon’ and I’m looking forward to cracking open a bottle of ‘Noble One’ with John and enjoying the sight before we run inside and watch the last episode of Mad Men- weep.   Aside from that I’ve been enjoying restaurant patios, gorging on fresh strawberries while watching films from the 70’s and early 80’s like ‘Klute’ and ‘Shoot The Moon‘, and trying to get my super white legs some sun as I don’t want to glow brighter than the super moon tomorrow night.


Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Five: Master Your Survival Skills Even When You Know You Will Likely Never Need Them.

Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess.  Lesson Five:  Master Your Survival Skills Even When You Know You Will Never Need Them.  Oil on canvas, 12″x24″. Sold.

If you want to view the detail in this painting, I recommend clicking on the etsy link below to view the different close-ups.    I don’t have a lot to say about this piece….it speaks for itself, although I should mention that I decided to finish it suddenly once I couldn’t get the idea that the second Russian Borzoi (blue hat) was really beginning to look like Edith from Downton Abbey.   Either my brain is fried, or I’ve been watching that show way too much.  Not to say that Edith looks like a dog, in fact, I think she’s looking really good this season with the sassy hairdo and pretty outfits, but I think most people have their dog counterparts. Ever think what yours may be?

Side fact:  I must say ‘I want a Borzoi‘ at least once a day.   John always follows this statement with a resounding ‘No’.   I’ll work on him.  To quote my favourite line from ‘No Country For Old Men’- the same line I used when I decided to get Finnegan:  You Can’t Stop What’s Coming.

I should also mention that I do have some non-Miss Moon material coming up.  I’ve been working on some figurative pieces, one of which is fairly large.  Fingers crossed that it works out.


Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Three: Respect The Property Of Others

Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess.  Lesson Three:  Respect The Property Of Others, oil on canvas, 12″x14″.  For sale on etsy.

Bernie is so bad.   And I don’t think Miss Moon quite appreciates his romantic overtures for Queenie- at least this particular expression of his love and devotion.


Danielle And The Devil

Danielle And The Devil, oil on canvas board, 8″x10″.  Sold.

It occurred to me the other day that I’ve never really painted a Halloween themed piece.  How crazy is that?  Especially when you consider that I take Halloween pretty darn seriously – we’re talking full out Halloween decorated house.    I’m trying to keep it classy though and collect vintage Halloween pieces- the old die-cut witches and cats and such- but there are rubber bats and maybe a glowing jack-o-lantern head.  Yes, I don’t have kids which makes it particularly weird, I know.  I’ve even started making certain Halloween themed meals- like ‘Goulish Goulash’ and on occasion Finnegan wears devil horns or something which he seems to like with exception of the the wizard costume which he pouted in (not a Harry Potter fan I suspect).

Over breakfast this morning John announced that he felt that people should be allowed to take their dogs trick-or-treating.  We do have an annual Halloween Dog Parade in town, but I don’t think the dogs get to actually trick-or-treat.  Needless to say, John and I aren’t the only weirdos around.  I think I may have mentioned it before but Stratford is kind of like Stars Hollow (Gilmore Girls) blended with Twin Peaks.  It keeps things interesting.


Fairy Godmother

Fairy Godmother, oil on canvas, 9″x12″.  Sold.

Guess what I want to be for Halloween this year?  I even want the wand with the fairy dust.  Messy?  Who cares.

Pirate Peyton Visits The Southern Shore Of New Zealand

Pirate Peyton Visits The Southern Shore Of New Zealand, 11″x14″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

Pirate Peyton is pictured here with her loyal companion Victor.  She can be fierce when the right occasion arises but on the whole she tends to act more like Robin Hood- stealing from the rich and giving some to the poor.  She’s a gifted liar (underrated talent), her favourite food is a wild strawberry, and her preferred mode of dress is her mother’s lace wedding gown and a heavy black coat with teal lining.

Lastly, it should be mentioned that her sworn enemy is Pirate Jenny.



Tinkerbelle, 8″x10″, oil on canvas panel.  Sold.