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Champion, oil on canvas, 11"x14".  Sold.

On occasion I find myself wondering if my work is too pretty.  I know it's not exactly dark and brooding but does it cross a line of being too decorative?  I was pondering this the other day while I scuttled around the house putting my income tax return together (last minute).  I then jumped in the car and drove in the pouring rain to the post office.  During my two minute drive (yes, lazy of me) I encountered a pretty bad road rage incident (thankfully not directed at me for once).  When I parked my car at the post office, I got out and witnessed a big red faced guy shouting at the parking meter guy about a ticket he had just received.  His language made me blush and I don't blush easy.  I then stood in line for about twenty minutes amongst a group of grumbling fellow taxpayers.  No one was happy.  Everything was damp and grey and loud and it dawned on me that maybe it's not such a bad thing to paint the prettier things in life.  Especially on the days where beauty seems scarce.  And that is my deep thought for the day.


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The Pillaging Of Silke’s Wardrobe

The Pillaging Of Silke's Wardrobe, oil on canvas, 12"x14".  For sale on etsy.

I believe we left off with Hugo and Silke going on a holiday and leaving Black Walnut Manor in the hands their three children, Poppet the maid, and the delinquent Scottish cousins: Wild Violet and Bluebelle.  Here we have the first bit of badness from the cousins.   More to come....


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