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Picnic Posies

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Summer is really on the brain.  I wanted to put a dragonfly in with this particular piece but I had a very bad experience with one yesterday when I was walking Finnegan.  It flew right into my face and for a split second I was certain I was being electrocuted.  They’re fascinating to watch but take my word for it- if one flies towards you…..duck and close your mouth.

I did however put a little ladybug in.  Just keeping it real.


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Sometimes I stick my head in ice cream cones


Now let this be a lesson to everyone:  If you drink a glass or two of Chardonnay in the afternoon, you could end up like me.  This was a dare on my husband’s part- okay, I asked him if he would dare me and so he said that he ‘dared me’ and before you could say ‘Ice Cream!’,  I was elbowing  some kids away from the plywood ice cream cone and crouching down to have my picture taken.  Then he dared me to put it on my blog and that is exactly what I did.  I respond to dares you see.

Oh, that’s also my real hand by the way just in case you weren’t quite certain.

Happy Summer!

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