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Shoe Painting Tomorrow………


I just thought I would mention in advance  (because my posts recently have been fairly erratic) that I do have a shoe painting almost completed.  It's larger- I think 12"x24" and it's been keeping me pretty busy, but it should be completed for Saturday.  Shoes are an odd thing to paint.  They seem to take on a life of their own.  Hopefully that's a good thing.

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Footsteps, oil on canvas, 9"x12".  Sold.

I don't know how widespread this amazing weather is today but I couldn't help but finish my painting of pretty spring shoes.  SPRING!  I was actually perspiring a little bit today on the dog walk.   I'm sure that no one is interested in my perspiration, but it was pretty exciting.  Although, the mucky grass and garbage everywhere isn't so nice, but at least the snow is meeeeelting.  Can anyone tell that I've got spring fever?

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The Columnist

the columnist (2)

The Columnist, 11"x14", oil on canvas. Sold.

I can only wish that one day I'll have a studio that looks like this.  You know how writers are often told to 'write what they know'?  Hopefully, that statement doesn't have to apply to artists.  I think I paint the objects and places that I wish I could know.

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The Fontaine Sisters On The Boardwalk With Their Dogs ‘Prim’ and ‘Proper’

The Fontaine Sisters On The Boardwalk With Their Dogs Prim and Proper (2) the fontaine sisters detail (2)

The Fontaine Sisters On The Boardwalk With Their Dogs 'Prim' and 'Proper', oil on canvas, 16"x20".  Sold.

I think that 'Prim' is likely the poodle, and 'Proper'  is the dalmatian.

It's been a week of larger paintings, so next week I'll likely work on  a few smaller ones as these bigger ones tend to exhaust me and make me kind of spacey.

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Butterfly Dresses

butterfly dresses (2)

Butterfly Dresses, oil on canvas, 11"x14".  Sold.

I think this piece came out of my deep 'Winter Despair'.  I know I shouldn't complain because here in Ontario, we haven't had it so bad this year, but I'm so tired of putting my winter coat and boots on every time I leave the house.  Bring on summer...or at least spring...a thaw... or maybe a tiny snowdrop?

I should warn everyone that I've got a big canvas coming up.  I receive a number of emails from buyers wondering why I don't do larger work, so I've got a big piece that is almost complete and will likely rear its head next week.  Oh, and I should also warn everyone that I watched 'Mommie Dearest' today- you remember, the one about Joan Crawford staring Faye Dunaway.  So one can only imagine how that is going to influence my work for the next couple of weeks.  Shoulder pads?  Big eyebrows?  Rage? And a closet full of wire hangers?  We shall see.....

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Isadora, oil on canvas, 11"x14".  For sale on etsy.

It is nothing short of a miracle that I actually finished this painting today.  I had a huge disaster with my car this morning that involved the front wheel almost falling off and the discovery of a small skating rink in the trunk of my car (where the spare tire is stored).  I did enjoy my tow truck ride to the dealership through a snow storm.  However, that doesn't really make up for the fact that my car has expensive German parts and that I'll likely be painting for the next 10 years to pay the bill.  Looks like I'll be walking all of my prints and paintings to the post office tomorrow!  Or maybe, for the rest of my life.....


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Elise Sips Pastis In Montreal

Elise Sips Pastis In Montreal (2)

Elise Sips Pastis In Montreal, 12"x16", oil on canvas.  Sold.

She just looks like the kind of lady that would enjoy Pastis.  I went through a Campari phase for a while shortly after I graduated from University.  I still get the yearning for a glass on a warm summer's day when I can fool myself that I'm at an outdoor Cafe in Rome.

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Cake Display Case

cake display case (2)

Cake Display Case, oil on paper, 5"x7". Sold.

I didn't have time to finish a painting on canvas today and likely I'm going to have some difficulty over the next month or so producing original work on a consistent basis.  I've taken on some more 'commercial' work....hate that word, but I don't know what else to call it.  So, I'll try and post  two or three originals at least a week on etsy, but they may appear at odd times.  If you are interested in original work, likely the best method to keep an eye on what comes up is to either subscribe to my blog, or keep an eye on it.

It's pretty exciting  to have new opportunities occurring as a painter,  but  the amount of extra work that it involves is a little scary, and it doesn't seem to include much time with my paintbrush so please be patient with me!

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