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Mademoiselle Moon


The French version of my children’s book Miss Moon, will be released in November!   Also, it looks like there will likely be an English version of the book released in the spring of 2016!  I’ll provide more details as they come.  Yippee!

I’ve just stepped back into my studio after a three week hiatus and it feels really weird so it may take a little while to get going again.   It was the longest break that I’ve taken from painting and my paintbrushes were all dried up and sad.

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Fear of flying

cali trip

Last week I did something that I very rarely do which was to take a vacation.  I was coming up on an important birthday (I’m sure you can guess which number I hit) and I wanted to do something very special to celebrate.  For years I’ve had a bee in my bonnet about California but I’ve always made up excuses why we couldn’t travel there.   Then I realized I was being an idiot as the real reason was because I am terrified to fly.

Trying to describe this phobia to other people who don’t have it is difficult.   I come from a family of flyers- my brother is even an airline captain.  I’ve flown quite a bit- especially when I was younger as my parents suffer from wanderlust, and I’m familiar with the experience of it.  I know the stats and how safe it is, but it doesn’t matter.  The second I see the airport and all the planes and the people, my body lurches into a state of panic.  I just see fire balls in the sky and want to cry.  I’ve never flown with John and although he knew about my fear, he couldn’t believe how deep and menacing it was until he experienced it first hand.

Even before we boarded the plane I went through the Kubler-Ross five stages of grief.  There was actually a sixth stage which was blind panic, which I favoured but I also spent a lot of time in denial and depression with the occasional comatose stage of acceptance.   I had two solid vodka tonics in me which helped dull these sensations but it wasn’t enough.  We boarded the plane and the nice flight attendant gave me another vodka tonic which I chugged back in front of him (much to his horror) before he declared that I belonged in a frat house.  The journey itself was fine until we hit turbulence over Utah.  It came out of nowhere and it was startling.  People screamed- I was one of them and likely the loudest, then I cried and shook for a while. After that, I found myself under the suspicious eye of the flight attendant as I was probably labeled ‘high risk’ or some other term they use for unpredictable drunk artists.   John was good- he did his best to console and calm me and he even let me tear the skin off his hand to help distract myself.

However, it was all worth it.  California was breathtaking in spite of the drought.  We spent some time at Mr. C’s in Beverly Hills before going up the coast to the Biltmore in Montecito and Santa Barbara where I couldn’t get over the ocean views and gorgeous architecture.  We went back to Los Angeles and stayed at the magical Chateau Marmont in one of their garden cottages that we nicknamed ‘The Mildred Pierce’ as it was authentically out of the 1940′s and was very special.

The trip back was significantly easier, mostly thanks to the harrowing taxi ride from West Hollywood to LAX in  a record breaking 17 minutes.   After that, I was more than happy to take my chances with the airplane.

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Hello everyone!  I’m back and the sale is on!  The prices listed in the shop are the full prices so in order to get the 25% discount you have to enter JUMPSTART in the coupon code box at checkout!  Sale ends October 8th at 11pm.

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Taking Time Off And A Big Sale!

Sweetie B-sale

It’s been a hectic summer so John and I are putting the shop on vacation mode until Oct 6 so we can have a little down time.  The good news is that when we reopen, we will kick things off with a big sale!   Every year we have a Black Friday sale for 20% off all prints but last year it turned into a nightmare because there was only a scant four weeks between American Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This led to more than our fair share of nail-biting moments as four weeks is often not enough time for orders shipping outside of Canada during holiday season.  In an effort to gain the upper hand with shipping, we are attempting an earlier sale (although we still will likely have a Black Friday sale too), but this sale is a special 25% off all prints.  Here are the details:

Sale begins Monday October 6th at 9am EST and runs until Wednesday October 8th 11pm EST.  The discount is given through an etsy coupon, so please be aware that the price listed is not the sale price.  The coupon code is:  JUMPSTART (all caps) and you enter it at the etsy checkout in the coupon code box (not the convo box to the seller) to get 25% of the listed price.  If the code is not entered correctly or not at all, we may not catch it, and you may not receive your discount.

See you in October!

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Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House. Chapter One.


Hello everyone!  I have finally stopped fiddling with the first chapter of my short story, Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House and it’s all set up and ready for your reading enjoyment.  For all you spelling and grammar lovers, I should mention that my book hasn’t crossed paths with a professional editor yet.  My husband John did do wonders though with what I gave him.   Imagine scraps of wrinkled paper with illegible scribbles, run- on sentences and so many grammar mishaps that I actually heard him wince on a few occasions.

I should also mention that I haven’t decided on a cover yet, I’m still having fun with them so possibly by the time the book is complete we can do some sort of vote for the cover.   I will be releasing three to four chapters of the book online (there are six in total) and then I will publish it in physical book form, either myself or I’ll find a publisher wild enough to take it on.   All of the original artwork is being held back because I would love to have a real show where people can view the paintings in person, (something that I haven’t done in over ten years) likely when the book is released.   In the meantime, I will stock my etsy shop with prints of several of the images.

Lastly, you may want a brief synopsis of the story, and I haven’t quite gotten around to that.  It’s sweet and odd and sometimes a little scary- but not too scary.  It might be considered a mystery so it’s important to pay attention to the pictures as sometimes they give little clues, sometimes… but not always.


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All Hallows’ Eve, Hell’s Kitchen, New York. 1989


All Hallows’ Eve, Hell’s Kitchen, New York. 1989.  11″x14″, oil on canvas.  For sale on etsy.

Alternatively, this painting could be called ‘Awkward Halloween Costumes From the 1980s’.

Halloween is the time of year where I wish I had children so I could dress them up in ridiculously cumbersome Halloween costumes- the kind that would make them exhausted after only a block of trick-or-treating.  The cuteness factor would be through the roof though and they would feel better about themselves for having earned that candy.  My protestant roots are showing aren’t they?


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Enchanted Dancers

Enchanted Dancers collage

Continuing with my stage performers theme this month, here are three ‘Enchanted Dancers’ paintings.  They are all 5″x7″ in size, oil on canvas and available right now!

From left to right:

In La Sylphide The Forest Fairies Were Always Real.

Moulting Season Often Posed A Challenge For The Swan Queen.

The Music Box Ballerina’s Mesmerizing Debut Performance As The Sugar Plum Fairy.


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Shaded Stars, The Home For Retired Showgirls


Shaded Stars, The Home For Retired Showgirls.  20″x24″, oil on canvas.  Sold

The other day as I was printing out a ‘Tallulah Shaw Rehearses Before Her Final Show.  1959‘  print, I found myself a little sad.  What happens to the Tallulahs of the world after they retire from showbiz?   Do they end up eating soup and crackers in a dimly lit studio apartment somewhere south of horrible?  Or, do they go someplace very special?  In Janetland, it has to be special.  So here are a few retirees enjoying their semi-retirement….they don’t let go of those costumes too easily.

You may  notice that I used the term ‘showgirls’ loosely as there is at least one or two circus ladies in attendance.


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Swan.  Oil on canvas.  12″x16″.  Sold.

It took every ounce of self-control that I could muster to not correct her neck.  I’m really not a stickler for proper proportioning…. you know it.  I have huge heads, elongated arms, one leg longer than the other etc etc, but that neck was hard for me.   I toned it down a lot, and now she’s just a ballerina in Swan Lake rather than a real swan.   Swans are vicious anyway.  Are ballerinas?


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At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Veronica Golightly excelled in haiku, astronomy, and mathematics. She also enjoyed mid-eighteenth century butterfly paintings, and she had recently perfected the delicate art of levitation.


At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Veronica Golighty excelled in Haiku, astronomy, and mathematics.  She also enjoyed mid-eighteenth century butterfly paintings, and she had recently perfected the delicate art of levitation.  Oil on canvas, 16″x20″.  Sold.

Another student at the unusual Ursula Academy.  There may be more….we’ll see.  By the way, I did re-watch ‘The Fury’ and was just as terrified as I was when I first saw it back in the 80′s.   Especially the end.  I can’t even talk about it.



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Marissa (Minky) Bancroft Poses On Her Rooftop Oasis For The Cover Of ‘Avenue Life’ Magazine. Summer Issue, 1970.


Marissa (Minky) Bancroft Poses On Her Rooftop Oasis For The Cover Of “Avenue Life’ Magazine. Summer Issue, 1970.  18″x24″.  Oil on canvas.  For sale on etsy.

Gotta love 70′s hair- or maybe this is still 60′s hair?   I really missed ‘my time’ for hair, but it looks like Minky is really working it.  And Kaftans….awesome.


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Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House



I’m starting to release little sneaky peeks of a short story that I have been toiling away on called ‘Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House’.   If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you might have stumbled upon a few of my character paintings for the series already.   The story is actually part of a much larger book that I have been working on for the past few years and I figured it was time to start getting the work out there, so I selected one of the more self-contained stories from the book to start with.   It is essentially illustrated fiction for grown-ups, which seems to rarely exist in the marketplace, for whatever mysterious reason.

I’m hoping to have a couple of chapters ready by the end of the summer, but in the meantime, I will continue to release more sneaky peeks over the next little while.  Please stay tuned!

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The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink. Part Two.


The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink.  Part Two.  8″x10″, oil on canvas. For sale on etsy.

John has informed me that this is a truly ridiculous painting.   However he keeps looking at it and smiling so I just think he’s jealous that he’s not Edward Pink with all of his problems.   So there you go, Edward Pink is still being kidnapped but he’s no longer on a sailboat, rather a speedboat somewhere south of someplace beautiful.


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At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Fawn Fielding Enjoyed Medieval Poetry, Spoke Fluent Italian, And Possessed Above Average Telekinetic Abilities.


At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Fawn Fielding Enjoyed Medieval Poetry, Spoke Fluent Italian, And Possessed Above Average Telekinetic Abilities.  16″x20″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

I think I should do more paintings of this strange Ursula Academy.  It seems pretty rich for the storytelling if you ask me.   This is actually born out of a scary experience for me when I was young.   I have this memory of turning on the television in the middle of the afternoon- likely on a Saturday.  I seem to recall that I was enjoying a grape freezie and wearing my pink jelly shoes, but that could be my imagination just playing games on me.   I likely did some channel surfing with one of those clunky looking channel changers circa 1985 until I came across this weird movie.  There was a girl with big curly hair moving things with her mind.  WITH HER MIND!!   This terrified me but I didn’t understand why.  I think I was familiar with the idea of telekinesis having spent many a bored afternoon focused on my Barbie trying to get it to move WITH MY MIND, but it must have been the way it was presented in the film.  I mentioned this to John as I was painting this painting and he immediately recognized it as ‘The Fury’ which was directed by Brian De Palma.   It all made sense.  No one can creep me out as much as Brian De Palma, thank you very much.  John also mentioned that we own the movie so guess what I’m going to do tonight.  Perhaps I’ll watch it while enjoying a cool and refreshing grape freezie too.

I should also mention that my website is being re-designed so from time to time it may look weird.  There’s testing and other web weirdness that will go on behind the scenes for the next few months.  So if you visit and things are all over the place,  don’t worry, it’s not permanent.  Have a grape freezie and stay cool.


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To Catch A Cashew Thief


To Catch A Cashew Thief, 12″x16″. Oil on canvas, for sale on etsy.

I’m just continuing with my theme of unwanted guests.  Lions, oversized ladybugs and now a great big nuisance elephant.  I just wonder if she happened to walk in on the thief stealing cashews or if she set him up with the extra full bowl of cashews.  She looks a tad conniving so I’m going with the latter.

Oh, and I also wanted to say that I really like her pants.  I wish they were mine.



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Great Ladybug


Great Ladybug, oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  For sale on etsy.

I could be wrong but she might be the same lady featured in my ‘Houseguest’ painting.  The one with the lion on her couch.   She’s in a different living room, so possibly we have time traveled back to her first apartment, but I think it’s the same lady.   Different day, different guest, same problem.


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