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Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House



I’m starting to release little sneaky peeks of a short story that I have been toiling away on called ‘Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House’.   If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you might have stumbled upon a few of my character paintings for the series already.   The story is actually part of a much larger book that I have been working on for the past few years and I figured it was time to start getting the work out there, so I selected one of the more self-contained stories from the book to start with.   It is essentially illustrated fiction for grown-ups, which seems to rarely exist in the marketplace, for whatever mysterious reason.

I’m hoping to have a couple of chapters ready by the end of the summer, but in the meantime, I will continue to release more sneaky peeks over the next little while.  Please stay tuned!

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The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink. Part Two.


The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink.  Part Two.  8″x10″, oil on canvas. For sale on etsy.

John has informed me that this is a truly ridiculous painting.   However he keeps looking at it and smiling so I just think he’s jealous that he’s not Edward Pink with all of his problems.   So there you go, Edward Pink is still being kidnapped but he’s no longer on a sailboat, rather a speedboat somewhere south of someplace beautiful.


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At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Fawn Fielding Enjoyed Medieval Poetry, Spoke Fluent Italian, And Possessed Above Average Telekinetic Abilities.


At The Ursula Academy For The Supernaturally Gifted, Fawn Fielding Enjoyed Medieval Poetry, Spoke Fluent Italian, And Possessed Above Average Telekinetic Abilities.  16″x20″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

I think I should do more paintings of this strange Ursula Academy.  It seems pretty rich for the storytelling if you ask me.   This is actually born out of a scary experience for me when I was young.   I have this memory of turning on the television in the middle of the afternoon- likely on a Saturday.  I seem to recall that I was enjoying a grape freezie and wearing my pink jelly shoes, but that could be my imagination just playing games on me.   I likely did some channel surfing with one of those clunky looking channel changers circa 1985 until I came across this weird movie.  There was a girl with big curly hair moving things with her mind.  WITH HER MIND!!   This terrified me but I didn’t understand why.  I think I was familiar with the idea of telekinesis having spent many a bored afternoon focused on my Barbie trying to get it to move WITH MY MIND, but it must have been the way it was presented in the film.  I mentioned this to John as I was painting this painting and he immediately recognized it as ‘The Fury’ which was directed by Brian De Palma.   It all made sense.  No one can creep me out as much as Brian De Palma, thank you very much.  John also mentioned that we own the movie so guess what I’m going to do tonight.  Perhaps I’ll watch it while enjoying a cool and refreshing grape freezie too.

I should also mention that my website is being re-designed so from time to time it may look weird.  There’s testing and other web weirdness that will go on behind the scenes for the next few months.  So if you visit and things are all over the place,  don’t worry, it’s not permanent.  Have a grape freezie and stay cool.


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To Catch A Cashew Thief


To Catch A Cashew Thief, 12″x16″. Oil on canvas, for sale on etsy.

I’m just continuing with my theme of unwanted guests.  Lions, oversized ladybugs and now a great big nuisance elephant.  I just wonder if she happened to walk in on the thief stealing cashews or if she set him up with the extra full bowl of cashews.  She looks a tad conniving so I’m going with the latter.

Oh, and I also wanted to say that I really like her pants.  I wish they were mine.



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Great Ladybug


Great Ladybug, oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  For sale on etsy.

I could be wrong but she might be the same lady featured in my ‘Houseguest’ painting.  The one with the lion on her couch.   She’s in a different living room, so possibly we have time traveled back to her first apartment, but I think it’s the same lady.   Different day, different guest, same problem.


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I recently joined this century and bought a phone.  Actually, I really didn’t- it was John.   He was frustrated with my lack of communication and went out and got me one.   I stared at it for a long while and eventually picked it up and sniffed it…no I didn’t but I came close.   It was that kind of suspicion that went on between myself and the shiny black thing.   But now I think it’s okay.   I like Instagram -did I spell that right?   I have no idea what I’m doing with it and I still don’t quite grasp what a hashtag is- or how I’m supposed to use one as it sounds more like a bad rash than anything else,  but I’m sure I will get the hang of it at some point.  So if you are on Instagram and haven’t had enough of my foolishness on my blog then feel free to check out more of my nonsense here.

I promise that I will stop playing with my phone and get back to painting next week!

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Hotel du Lac


Hotel du Lac, oil on canvas, 20″x24″.  Sold.

It really is the naked man that makes this piece complete.   It was a tough decision though, keeping his swim trunks off.   John and I got into a terrible fight about it the other night while we ate our dinner.  He felt that the naked man was gratuitous and obvious and would detract from the grandeur of the hotel, but I felt that it added a needed tension to the piece.   Plus, I argued that it is European.  John really couldn’t argue with that, but just as we were resolving that dispute,  he muttered under his breath that the bell boy was borrowing a little heavily from Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’.  Smack!   I tried to counter that statement by telling him that I haven’t even seen the film yet.   When you live in a one horse town with one movie theatre that is still showing ‘Spaceballs’,  you quickly get behind on current cinematic offerings.

The truth is that I painted my ultimate dream hotel.   This is a place that greets guests with a synchronized  swimming show, serves fine French cuisine in the hotel restaurant, and encourages you to jump out of your window afterwards for a refreshing evening swim in the temperate lake.


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Julie Blue’s Marvelous New Swim Cap


Julie Blue’s Marvelous New Swim Cap, oil on canvas, 10″x12″.  Sold.

I don’t really know what to say about this piece, but I will point out that there is a frog in her marvelous swim cap.   I will also state that I’m delirious today because this is the first day that I was able to wear shoes outside.  I was so excited about this that I called them ‘non-boots’ to the sales lady where I buy my canvases from.  She replied by saying ‘You mean, shoes?’   It has been so long, that I had forgotten the name for them….and that is a sad thing.


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Gypsy And The Tassel


Gypsy And The Tassel, 18″x24″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

Poor Gypsy, I think she will forever be tormented by the lantern tassel.  The other day it occurred to me that animals might be optimists.   Every morning Finnegan waits by John’s side and watches him eat his breakfast.   Every morning he anticipates John’s toast flying out of his hand and directly into his mouth.  This of course never happens, but Finnegan still sits patiently waiting for the day that this event will take place.   Maybe it’s because he’s not very smart,  but I think it’s because he’s optimistic.


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The New Bohemian



The New Bohemian, 11″x14″, oil on canvas.  For sale on etsy.

I bought a cactus the other day.  This is a big deal as I haven’t bought a houseplant since I had a bad experience with an orchid ten years ago.  I still can’t bring myself to talk about it.   I named our new family member ‘Shirley’ and John seemed to think it was a stupid name for a cactus but we only fussed about it for a short while before we lost interest in arguing about it.


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Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Twenty: Celebrate Your Accomplishments With Family And Good Friends.


Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess.  Lesson Twenty:  Celebrate Your Accomplishments With Family And Good Friends.   Oil on canvas, 12″x16″.  Sold.

It seems that Miss Moon has completed her lesson plan!   Fortunately it looks like she doesn’t have to grade papers but instead is dishing out ice cream to a bunch of stunned and exhausted students.  Except of course, the King Charles Spaniel (Finnegan) who appears to have made a moat of hotdogs around his little cushion.  This is true to life.  He has a deep seated fear of food being taken from him, even though no one has ever dared (or wanted to) touch his food.

One has to wonder though if Bernie graduated.  He isn’t wearing a graduation cap, just his red beret.  Could he be showing his rebellious artistic temperament?  Or possibly Miss Moon felt he just wasn’t ready?  Hmmm..  I guess you will just have to buy the book in September to find out if he did graduate..    I’ll keep you posted on the release date and other pertinent bits of information on the book as they come.

To see all the fun details of the painting please click here.

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Water Lotus And Neptune


Water Lotus And Neptune.  Oil On Canvas, 18″x24″.  For sale on etsy.

I think I should start a new series on just green vases.  They keep making appearances in my paintings, and in my house.    When I started this piece, I had every intention on making the vase blue, but it insisted on being green and since my ‘colour brain’ completely shuts off when I paint (no conscious thoughts allowed), I really couldn’t fix it.  I’ve made my peace with it now and I hope you can too… Next obsession brewing could be shells and other pointy patterned things that come from the sea and I wouldn’t entirely rule out a sea monster either.


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Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Nineteen: Be A Good Sport. Life Is More Fun When You Get Your Hair Wet.


Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess.  Lesson Nineteen:  Be A Good Sport.  Life Is More Fun When You Get Your Hair Wet.  Oil on canvas, 11″x14″. Sold.

I think there is some subtext to this painting.   At first glance, it appears that Miss Moon is conveying this particular lesson to the three fancy dogs standing on the boat with her.   However, if you look closer….and I mean much closer, you can see Miss Moon’s eyes are staring directly at Mr. Bitters.   He is properly attired for swimming (minus bow-tie) and he is actually ‘on’ the water, but he is not exactly in it- is he?   I think he’s hoping that Miss Moon will consider this to be close enough, but we know it isn’t.   Also, notice how he is always wearing orange and red?   I suspect this is a reference Miss Moon’s lovely red hair.


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June Everheart’s Splendid Summer Home


June Everheart’s Splendid Summer Home.  20″x24″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

As promised here is one of my larger pieces.   These are fairly rare for me but I just felt like shaking it up a bit.   June is the little lady there in the middle and you may recognize the lady with the kerchief to June’s left- the star of my Brownstones painting.   This answers that question that has been keeping many of you up at night:  where the heck the Brownstones lady was going with all those pastries, coffee and flowers.  Now you know.  It was  June Everheart’s Splendid Summer Home, of course.

There is a lot of detail in this piece so to get a better view of all the nooks and crannies, please view the painting here in my etsy shop.


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Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Eighteen: Nurture The Environment And You Will Never Be Hungry.


Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess.  Lesson Eighteen:  Nurture The Environment And You Will Never Be Hungry.  Oil on canvas, 11×14″.  Sold.

Only two more Miss Moon lessons to go before the series is complete- sniff sniff.   I’ve been working on some larger pieces (non Miss Moon) so if you are in the market for something a little larger than my usual sizes please keep an eye on the shop this month.  I can’t give a better estimated time of completion as I never know what twists and turns these paintings have in store for me.  Stay warm everyone!


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