Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House. Chapter Three.


Chapter three is finally finished and has been added to the book!  If you are interested in reading about weird dolls, meat pies, fairies, and unfriendly girls with red nail polish, then head on over and take a little look.  I also wanted to thank Casey Decker from the Meticulous Type for helping me to edit chapters two and three so far.  There still may be some typos though and other oddities largely because I have to retype everything into this archaic program that I’m using to combine the pictures with text, but that just gives it a little added character- right?  I should also mention that the flip book might not be compatible with some phones but should work with most tablets. To view the book please click HERE.

The Mermaid Inn

The Mermaid Inn, oil on canvas, 12″x16″.  For sale on etsy.

The Fiat Jolly is just too cool for skool.  I just wrote that didn’t I?  Here’s an off topic little side story that doesn’t involve mermaids but does involve bridesmaids which I think bear some relation to each other. A few years back, I attended a wedding and I was in the ladies room talking to some of the bridesmaids as we were touching up our make-up.  These bridesmaids were a little younger than me and they were the kind of girls who were very popular in high school, so I was trying my best to fit in with them– you know, act like I was a little younger than I actually was.  At some point, I referred to something as ‘old school’ and it was like I had just opened a fresh can of Napalm.  I remember the room got quiet and shifty squinty glances were tossed back and forth between them in the mirror.  They quickly left the room and ignored me the rest of the evening.  When I told John what happened, he felt that I could have fixed it all with a round of high fives as they rushed past me and out the door.  Not sure about that.



Extraordinary Chickens

Extraordinary Chickens, oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  For sale on etsy.

I almost called this painting ‘Lemon Chicken’ but thought better of it when I realized the insinuation that she will be eating lemon chicken for dinner that night.  And that’s not a very pleasant thought.  But she is drinking lemonade so she is resourceful with her citrus fruit at the very least.


Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House


I’m running a little behind on chapter three (two paintings to go) but I hope to have it online within three weeks.  In the meantime, here is another cover possibility.  I’m digging the fairies with this one.  As well as her ‘I’m a little drunk and I give up’ expression.  She’s not really drunk….or is she?? I wonder what shenanigans could possibly transpire in the third chapter to bring her to this tormented place.  Stay tuned!

A Fainting In The Botanical Gardens


A Fainting In The Botanical Gardens.  20″x24″, oil on canvas. SOLD.

Women just don’t faint like they used to.  This occurred to me the other day as I watched Nashville (the Robert Altman movie– not the tv show– which I do watch as well when I have a big glass of viognier in my hand and I feel like rocking out).  Anyway, in the film there is a scene where the leading lady supposedly faints and spends a week or so recovering in the hospital.  I was pretty fascinated by it so I felt it necessary to explore it in a painting.  I get the sense that our lady fainter is actually a Canadian who just discovered that spring has finally arrived.  The sight of so much colour and beauty overwhelms her and she collapses by a tree, only to be woken when a deer sniffs her ankles.

The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink. Part Six.

The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink. Part Six. Oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  Sold.

Just look at these two.  Hardly blending in with Gstaad ski crowd.  I suspect they’re on the move– or at least she is, and he is forced to come along for the ride.  But for what reason they are on the lam, well, that can’t be revealed just yet.

Miss Moon


I’m so happy to announce that Tundra Books/ Penguin Random House Canada will be publishing the English version of Miss Moon!  The release is Spring 2016 and I will provide more details as they come.  I realized that I actually have one more painting of Miss Moon (pictured above) that I held back until the French version of the Miss Moon book was published back in November.  I wrapped it up and forgot about it until now so if you are interested, I will be listing the original painting in my shop this afternoon.  It depicts Miss Moon en route to her first placement as a dog governess alongside her newly adopted French bulldog, Petunia and Mitford, her monkey friend.  She looks cool as a cucumber though– she has no idea what lies in wait for her— a family with sixty-seven undisciplined dogs.

The Invisible Nature Of Tansy Fairchild

The Invisible Nature Of Tansy Fairchild, oil on canvas, 14″x18″.  Sold.

I had the name of this painting in mind long before I figured out what to do with it.  Then, one day as I was looking through some chinoiserie wallpaper patterns, the painting came to me- complete- including the bird on the string.  I almost changed it to a turtle on a string but stopped myself as that made absolutely no sense.


Hopscotch, oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  Sold.

I considered calling this piece ‘Second Childhood’ but I figured that might be a little obvious, so I settled on ‘Hopscotch’ which is an even more obvious choice but I like how the word sounds.  Hopscotch!  Then, I wondered why the game is called ‘Hopscotch’.  I get the hop part but not the scotch part.  Maybe before it turned into a child’s game it was a drunkard’s game?  I don’t think that’s coffee in her cup.


The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink: Part Four And Five.


The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink, Part Four and Five.  Oil on canvas, 8″x10″.  Sold.

The plot is thickening for Edward Pink.  It seems she has taken him to a hotel-  or perhaps somewhere more private like her own lair discreetly cloaked in pink bougainvillea.