The Kidnapping of Edward Pink. Part Fourteen.

The Kidnapping of Edward Pink. Part Fourteen. Oil on canvas, 12″x16″. Sold.

I suspect that poor long suffering Edward Pink covets the coyote’s freedom. At least I think that’s a coyote.  I’ve never seen one in real life and I didn’t bother to research what one looked like.  So it could be a big dog or a wolf.



Mai, 20″x24″, oil on canvas. For sale on etsy.

At first I was going for an ingenue look, then I changed my mind halfway and steered her towards a coquettish look.  I failed at both, but I don’t mind.  She’s complicated and obviously doesn’t want to be stereotyped.  And here’s another example of smashing stereotypes.




The Lilac Thief

The Lilac Thief, oil on canvas, 7″x9″. Sold.

I’m giddy with excitement over our lilac tree’s green leaves.  Green leaves!  After six months of grim winter grey and blecky brown… finally there is green in the garden. I’m also hopped up on allergy medication which is making me even more giddy.  And it’s Friday! And there’s sunshine and I’ve just discovered the best recapper in the world (is that even a word??) of the reality show that I pretend I never watch but I really do privately– Southern Charm.  Anyone who can draw an accurate comparison between Game of Thrones and Southern Charm gets a check mark in my book.  Here’s the recap from the last episode if you do watch.  If you don’t, please don’t hold it against me. I know I’m going to wake up in the middle of the night and wish I hadn’t wrote this.

Have a great weekend!


Moon Flowers

Moon Flowers, oil on canvas paper. 16″x20″. Sold.

With spring underway, I thought I might switch things up a little and experiment with some canvas paper.  There’s something about it that makes me paint a little differently– more sketchy.  I’ve got a number of them on the go, but here is the first one.  These paper sketches have to be framed as they have no stretcher, but that’s cool.  Has anyone tried out Framebridge yet?  It seems like a pretty interesting way to frame.

On a slightly less cool note, I want to thank everyone who was super supportive about the copyright infringement situation.  I’m relieved that no one else has mentioned seeing these things anywhere else– fingers naively crossed.  I will provide an update once I get more information.

Have a great weekend!


Another knock off.

Unfortunately, there appears to be another knock off making the rounds. This one is from my painting ‘The Duchess’.  As you can see they have copied the figure and the dog, but what makes this knock off so special is that they have also taken the bouquet of flowers from another painting of mine ‘The Runner Up’ and supplemented it for the purse. Two infringements in one!

This knock off was spotted in a large European retail chain called ‘Leroy Merlin’.  They have been unresponsive to my request to have it removed from sale. While I figure out what the next step will be, I wanted to let customers know that this is not my painting. From what I can tell this is likely Chinese sweatshop art, just like the last group of infringements in 2013.

I don’t want this to sound like I’m complaining or seeking sympathy, as I have accepted that this is now an unfortunate part of my business— dealing with sweatshop knock offs and the corporations who support this form of ‘art’. However, I wanted to bring attention to this just in case there is confusion.  I don’t dumb down my work to have it mass produced. I also really appreciate (and rely on) all my savvy supporters who inform me of potential infringements by snapping a quick photo when they spot something questionable.  If it looks like one of mine, but something is a little off (usually simplified backgrounds or no artist credit) please take a photo and let me know. Sometimes it’s the only way I can find out where these copies have ended up.

Lastly—and this is a direct message to retail corporations who sell these ‘paintings’:  I register my copyrights with the US Copyright Office and I have successfully enforced my copyrights through legal means in the past and I will continue to do so in the future.  Be aware of copyright laws before you purchase art from Chinese art factories who have little to no knowledge or respect for intellectual property laws.  If you are selling it, you are liable.

Mathilda The Red

Mathilda The Red, oil on canvas, 14″x18″. Sold.

Revisiting my love of lady pirates today.  Don’t let her pleasant demeanor fool you, she’s got poison darts in that pretty parasol.


Newsy Bits


My apologies for jamming and cramming a number of recent events into one post, but the month has flown by so quickly and there are a few things I wanted to share. The English version of my first children’s book, Miss Moon: Wise Words from a Dog Governess was released this month and it can be purchased here or if you would prefer a signed copy, you can purchase one from Fanfare Books in Stratford and they are happy to ship internationally. I was delighted to be asked by the Globe and Mail to be a part of their ‘Drawing With’ video series in which I painted a quick version of Miss Moon.  Here’s the link if you would like to see how she is created. And what an experience that was. I’ve never been filmed painting before and I was super nervous. Nevermind talking while painting.  Does my voice really sound like that? Ugh.

I also want to mention that I’ve been working on a 2017 wall calendar. I know, I’ve really taken my time doing this.  A calendar just seemed so daunting. What if I mess up and get the days of the month wrong and it wreaks havoc on everyone’s social schedule? These things haunt me, which is why I avoided it. So there may be a sticker on the outside of the calendar seeking indemnity from date mistakes etc….buy it for the pictures.

Lastly, I was well chuffed to be featured in Little Thing China’s ‘Girls Love Illustration’ edition. It’s a super cool magazine full of so many striking visuals that it doesn’t matter that I can’t read it.  Also, Flow magazine featured some of my images as cool tear out dividers in their recent German edition.  The talent being explored and promoted in these international magazines is really inspiring.

Oh and last but not least, that is the brunette version of Extraordinary Chickens on the cover of the San Diego Reader (I’ve had a few emails asking me if it was). It features a story about a front yard farm which makes me want to replicate it, but my front yard is a little bit covered in snow at the moment.


The Etiquette of Blackmail


The Etiquette of Blackmail, oil on canvas, 18″x18″.  For sale on etsy.

Lets talk blackmail. The first time I ever heard the term, I immediately imagined a sinister black envelope. Probably with red handwriting and maybe a red and black stamp. It scared me. And I think I had good reason to be scared as it seemed to be an epidemic, at least that’s what Hollywood wanted me to believe. I was certain that one day when I was much older, and very rich, and possibly blonde, I would be lounging by the pool, and my cabana boy would present me with a morning Mimosa and the mail, and in that pile of mail, would be the dreaded black envelope. I would be done for.

Yet in real life, it seems blackmail doesn’t happen very often, and when it does, it’s likely not very dramatic. But in the rare event that it were to happen, I believe that there should be an etiquette to it, just as these two ladies are teaching us here.  Blackmail served with tea (something strong and smoky like Lapsang) and lots of little cakes and sandwiches with the crusts cut off would really help to make the experience a much more pleasant one.


Lady In Waiting


Lady In Waiting, oil on canvas, 11″x14″. For sale on etsy.

The entire time I was painting this, I was intending the giraffe to be actually stealing the pearls.  Then everything changed when I realized that a giraffe would probably be quite helpful with dressing.  Excellent with hats, zippers, scarves, necklaces, so she got promoted from thief to personal assistant.


A Miss Moon Christmas. Lesson Five: Handmade Gifts Are A Wonderful Way To Show Just How Much You Care, Even If They Don’t Turn Out Exactly As You Imagined.


A Miss Moon Christmas. Lesson Five: Handmade Gifts Are A Wonderful Way To Show Just How Much You Care, Even If They Don’t Turn Out Exactly As You Imagined. 12″x16″, Oil on Canvas.  For sale on etsy.

I had wanted to get this completed before Christmas, but the dark forces worked against me.