Twelve Days At The Penny Fontaine Hotel


The last three paintings in the series are available!  Clockwise:

Day Ten: Play With The Citrus at Sam’s Fruit Stand.

Day Eleven: Discover The Locals Favourite Swimming Hole.

Day Twelve: Toss A Penny In The Hotel Fountain And Make A Wish To Return Next Year.

I was going to do an Edward Pink calendar for 2018, but have decided to change it to The Penny Fontaine Hotel as those twelve days seem to suit a calendar concept so perfectly.  The Edward Pink series will continue on….and on…. and on.


Twelve Days at the Penny Fontaine Hotel. Day Nine. On the one rainy morning of the trip, enjoy breakfast in bed.

Twelve Days at the Penny Fontaine Hotel. Day Nine. On the one rainy morning of the trip, enjoy breakfast in bed. 8″x10″.

Donuts and pompoms. Two very unnecessary things that somehow make the world a much better place.


Twelve Days at the Penny Fontaine Hotel.

Welcome to the Penny Fontaine Hotel! It doesn’t exist in real life, but that won’t stop us from visiting it for twelve days.  This hotel was inspired by all of the lucky people who got to visit warmer climates this winter. Thanks Instagram. That sounded snarky, but really, it was inspiration for this series. I’m not entirely sure where the Penny Fontaine is situated; it started off as a Tulum-esque type place, but morphed more into Harbour Island, Bahamas.

I’ve completed five paintings so far, and there are twelve in total– hence twelve days– one painting for each day of the imaginary trip. So far we have an island bike ride, pretend-playing at dominoes over lunch, worshiping the warrior mermaid that protects the island, sandal shopping, and visiting with the resident tomcat ‘Folklore’ and his harem. Plenty more to come….

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Unicorns, 11″x14″, oil on canvas.

I have an orange lust going on right now. Could be the fact that I’m working on getting over my second cold in less than three months and the only thing that makes me feel better are Old Fashioned cocktails loaded with oranges and bourbon. I know that the unicorns are a delirium of my brain, but I can’t stop thinking that they might possibly exist– somewhere far away like Egypt.


Fashion illustration

Lately, I’ve been painting lots and lots of cats (for my new children’s book) and felt that I needed to loosen up a little which led me to dabble in the realm of fashion illustration for these four paintings.  A few of those pesky cats did manage to find a spot in ‘Catty Cathy’ (upper right), but there’s no point in trying to fight ‘cat brain.’

They are all painted oil on canvas, 12″x16″ and are available now in my shop!


The Kidnapping of Edward Pink. The Capture.


The Kidnapping of Edward Pink: The Capture. Oil on canvas, 14″x18″.

It occurred to me that I really haven’t covered the actual capturing of Edward Pink.  This painting hopefully describes it well enough, but if it doesn’t, you will just have to wait until the fall when the official ‘Kidnapping of Edward Pink’ calendar is released.  It will answer all remaining questions. I promise.

Muskoka Manor

Muskoka Manor, 12″x14″, oil on canvas. For sale on etsy.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ontario, Muskoka is cottage country just north of Toronto.  It’s a lovely place, but I won’t go there as it’s north of Barrie, Ontario and I won’t go north of Barrie, Ontario. The issue is that I tend to attract wildlife.  Skunks, raccoons, snakes, and of course, bears.  The last time I ventured north of Barrie was for a friend’s wedding.  It was a lovely wedding, held at a resort near Muskoka. It had a nice beach and plenty of beautiful scenery, but when I walked out into the parking lot of the hotel, I encountered a mother bear and two cubs.  This was on the heels of staying at another friend’s cottage in Muskoka and encountering water snakes and spiders the size of quarters.  Spiders the size of quarters may sound like nothing to people who live in warmer climates, but the one advantage of enduring mind numbing cold six months of the year is that we tend to go without that kind of creature.  Except, well, north of Barrie. So, this is what I imagine Muskoka to look like in the winter with a polka dot horse and pet pigs wearing warm sweaters.