Another knock off.


Unfortunately, there appears to be another knock off making the rounds. This one is from my painting ‘The Duchess’.  As you can see they have copied the figure and the dog, but what makes this knock off so special is that they have also taken the bouquet of flowers from another painting of mine ‘The Runner Up’ and supplemented it for the purse. Two infringements in one!

This knock off was spotted in a large European retail chain called ‘Leroy Merlin’.  They have been unresponsive to my request to have it removed from sale. While I figure out what the next step will be, I wanted to let customers know that this is not my painting. From what I can tell this is likely Chinese sweatshop art, just like the last group of infringements in 2013.

I don’t want this to sound like I’m complaining or seeking sympathy, as I have accepted that this is now an unfortunate part of my business— dealing with sweatshop knock offs and the corporations who support this form of ‘art’. However, I wanted to bring attention to this just in case there is confusion.  I don’t dumb down my work to have it mass produced. I also really appreciate (and rely on) all my savvy supporters who inform me of potential infringements by snapping a quick photo when they spot something questionable.  If it looks like one of mine, but something is a little off (usually simplified backgrounds or no artist credit) please take a photo and let me know. Sometimes it’s the only way I can find out where these copies have ended up.

Lastly—and this is a direct message to retail corporations who sell these ‘paintings’:  I register my copyrights with the US Copyright Office and I have successfully enforced my copyrights through legal means in the past and I will continue to do so in the future.  Be aware of copyright laws before you purchase art from Chinese art factories who have little to no knowledge or respect for intellectual property laws.  If you are selling it, you are liable.

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  1. I am so sorry! as someone who has an original as well as many prints, I can attest to the value and beauty of a true Janet Hill. I hope you are able to stop these infringements. Best of luck!

  2. Janet, I can’t imagine how frustrated you are. You are so gifted…and not a ‘whiner’. Your art is distinct and point of view so imaginative. You deserve better. Best wishes…chase them down!

  3. Suzie Mutch

    Contact the US Embassy in Paris and get them on the case. I think
    Leroy Merlin is a French chain.

  4. Dear Janet Hill,

    We would like to thank your fan who warned us on our Facebook page. Be assured we are currently investigating the situation.

    Could you please tell us in which city/country this picture was taken, as we do not sell the same products in every store and help us find out how it happened ?

    Best regards,
    Leroy Merlin France

    • Hi Cedric,

      It was in Greece. I hope that gives you some idea of where it came from. It also looks to be Chinese in origin. Could you let me know the factory where this was made? I’ve dealt with one Chinese factory back in 2013 but they assured me that they would never copy my work again. I will need this information for my lawyers.


  5. Brava, Janet. This is the worst. But good for you for standing up against it. I support your efforts 100%. I’m glad to see the company is trying to investigate.

  6. Gayle Hill

    Way to go Janet. Seems fitting for this day! Your grandmother, fiesty lady that she was would be very proud of you!

  7. Karyn Hitchman

    Shame on the copiers – good work to the company for investigating and doing something about it. Best wishes for it all to go smoothly, Karyn

  8. I’m sorry you’re seeing knock-offs (on the plus you’re seen as a valuable commodity to be reproduced – “flattery”) – this happens when we shop out stuff to China for production – they continue running after they fulfill the U.S. order. It doesn’t happen nearly as much with US print shops, but the cost is higher and most people are trying to get as much of their work out and sold as possible and that mass market demands lower retail prices.

  9. Corinne Gomez

    You go ahead and complain away!!! So sorry that you keep having to fight “theives in the night” but you have experience in it and have succeeded in getting it stopped so far, of course, until now…. It’s an endless battle for sure, but it is the principle of it all. It’s YOUR work and no one has the right to trot along and scoop it up just because they think they can! We are all looking out for you….


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