The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink. Parts 7-11.



It appears that Edward Pink is still kidnapped and these five small sketchy paintings chronicle his latest sufferings.  Poor Edward Pink.  How will he ever escape her clutches? These are just details and I’ll be listing the originals in the shop on Wednesday!

8 Responses to “The Kidnapping Of Edward Pink. Parts 7-11.”

  1. Christine

    I’ve been trying to snag an original for a while now, but I’m always too late 🙁
    Will prints of these be available soon?

    • Thanks Sandy!I’m actually working on the storyline, but I have a few other projects to finish before I can tackle this one!

      • I just read Lucy Crisp and love it! It really sucked me in; meaning you are a great writer! And the paintings make it come alive in a bright way. So I can imagine you want to finish it! Although, if you need any help to tackle this story, let me know, I’m, more than happy to help you out! Love, Sandy


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