The Mermaid Inn


The Mermaid Inn, oil on canvas, 12″x16″.  For sale on etsy.

The Fiat Jolly is just too cool for skool.  I just wrote that didn’t I?  Here’s an off topic little side story that doesn’t involve mermaids but does involve bridesmaids which I think bear some relation to each other. A few years back, I attended a wedding and I was in the ladies room talking to some of the bridesmaids as we were touching up our make-up.  These bridesmaids were a little younger than me and they were the kind of girls who were very popular in high school, so I was trying my best to fit in with them– you know, act like I was a little younger than I actually was.  At some point, I referred to something as ‘old school’ and it was like I had just opened a fresh can of Napalm.  I remember the room got quiet and shifty squinty glances were tossed back and forth between them in the mirror.  They quickly left the room and ignored me the rest of the evening.  When I told John what happened, he felt that I could have fixed it all with a round of high fives as they rushed past me and out the door.  Not sure about that.



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  1. Love this painting! The turtles and the mermaid tail are great touches. Is it summer yet?!


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