Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House. Chapter Three.



Chapter three is finally finished and has been added to the book!  If you are interested in reading about weird dolls, meat pies, fairies, and unfriendly girls with red nail polish, then head on over and take a little look.  I also wanted to thank Casey Decker from the Meticulous Type for helping me to edit chapters two and three so far.  There still may be some typos though and other oddities largely because I have to retype everything into this archaic program that I’m using to combine the pictures with text, but that just gives it a little added character- right?  I should also mention that the flip book might not be compatible with some phones but should work with most tablets. To view the book please click HERE.

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    • Yes! Miss Mink (the cat lady counterpart to Miss Moon) is coming out in September 2018, followed by Lucy Crisp (young adult) in 2019!


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