Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House

Lucy crisp cover 1tranqsl


I’m running just a tad behind on chapter two of Lucy Crisp because of the Black Friday sale.  I only have two paintings left to paint for the chapter and it should be ready just in time for Christmas- yay!  So if you need some escapism during the holiday chaos, you can scuttle off and spend some time in Lucy’s world. In the meantime, here’s another possible cover for the book- any thoughts?

3 Responses to “Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House”

  1. This is so pretty! I do like it better than the last one, but my favorite is one of the first you showed us, with black around the border of the house and Lucy walking through the gate. But any you choose will be wonderful!

  2. Love it! Makes me curious about what’s going on in the house. Also kind of makes me wish I lived there 🙂

  3. Nicolette

    Ooooooo I love it!!!!! I don’t remember the first cover design that Diana mentioned but I def like it better than the last design idea you posted. Also on Black Friday I kept telling my husband about the sale and he was like “do you think I’d let a Christmas go by without getting you a Janet Hill?!”


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