Chapter Two: Guests



Chapter two of Lucy Crisp is online and ready for your reading enjoyment!  If you have forgotten chapter one, here is a little recap:

Lucy Crisp is a successful romance novelist from New York City who relocates to the quaint but mysterious town of Esther Wren in upstate New York. Her new home is a spacious heritage house built in the late 1800’s by Captain Reginald Quill, a merchant sea captain who moved inland to Esther Wren after enduring a cholera epidemic at sea. As a condition of the house purchase, Lucy must take the house completely furnished, but once settled, she decides to send the staid Victorian furnishings off to auction with the exception of the portrait of Captain Quill, which  she removes  from its place above the fireplace mantel and tucks away in the far reaches of her attic.  Lucy spends her first month in the house happily redecorating and indulging her domestic side with uncharacteristic baking binges. She also finds herself enjoying an unexpected sense of privacy when she discovers that her neighbours prefer to keep to themselves. Then one morning Lucy’s domestic bliss is unsettled when she wakes up to discover a strange chair in her living room that wasn’t there the night before.  And the story continues…..

Thank you so much for your encouraging comments on the first chapter and I really hope you will enjoy the second chapter.  This book is a real labour of love for me.   I’ve just started the paintings for the third chapter which is longer than the first two, so I’m hoping that it will be ready for late winter, early spring.

Click here to read the book!


3 Responses to “Chapter Two: Guests”

  1. It was like an early Christmas present when I saw the second chapter was available. So in love with the story and paintings! Can’t wait to continue reading.

  2. Dear Janet,
    Thank you for sharing the beginning chapters of your book. I so enjoy your beautiful art and clever writing! I have several of your prints and my wonderful daughter gave me your French miss moon book for Christmas! I love it so!! She speaks French …I do not. We will be ordering the English version when available. She is a first year art teacher and we both adore your painting! Would love to move right into any of of your paintings!!


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