Mademoiselle Moon

mm collage

Mademoiselle Moon, the French version of Miss Moon is now available!  You can purchase it online here or order one from Fanfare Books in Stratford, Ontario.   The book also received a great review in Montreal’s Le Devoir!   I hope to have more information on the English language version in the next few weeks- stay tuned.

7 Responses to “Mademoiselle Moon”

  1. Lysanne Lavallée

    In fact, I did read the review in Le Devoir and I was charmed. I truly hope to find your book in a librairy in Montréal!

  2. Congrats Janet! You must be thrilled – I am excited for you. I am sure this book will bring countless children (and adults) pleasure.

  3. Janet, I would love to purchase the French book–but cannot find a place at your online shop where I can do that. Can you help? Joyce

  4. Deb Jardine

    I’ve been a fan of your lovely whimsical art for quite sometime now. I absolutely adore Miss Moon with all the cute dogs and scenes. I’m looking forward to purchasing the English version of the book when it comes out in 2016! So exciting..*smile*…


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