Mademoiselle Moon


The French version of my children’s book Miss Moon, will be released in November!   Also, it looks like there will likely be an English version of the book released in the spring of 2016!  I’ll provide more details as they come.  Yippee!

I’ve just stepped back into my studio after a three week hiatus and it feels really weird so it may take a little while to get going again.   It was the longest break that I’ve taken from painting and my paintbrushes were all dried up and sad.

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  1. Nicolette

    Yay! Can’t wait to see what you paint up next!!!!! I missed the sale!!! I went away myself and I guess I completely forgot! Oh well! Can’t wait to get myself an English version of your book in 2016! Great to hear things are well and new paintings are coming soon! <3


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