Taking Time Off And A Big Sale!

Sweetie B-sale

It’s been a hectic summer so John and I are putting the shop on vacation mode until Oct 6 so we can have a little down time.  The good news is that when we reopen, we will kick things off with a big sale!   Every year we have a Black Friday sale for 20% off all prints but last year it turned into a nightmare because there was only a scant four weeks between American Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This led to more than our fair share of nail-biting moments as four weeks is often not enough time for orders shipping outside of Canada during holiday season.  In an effort to gain the upper hand with shipping, we are attempting an earlier sale (although we still will likely have a Black Friday sale too), but this sale is a special 25% off all prints.  Here are the details:

Sale begins Monday October 6th at 9am EST and runs until Wednesday October 8th 11pm EST.  The discount is given through an etsy coupon, so please be aware that the price listed is not the sale price.  The coupon code is:  JUMPSTART (all caps) and you enter it at the etsy checkout in the coupon code box (not the convo box to the seller) to get 25% of the listed price.  If the code is not entered correctly or not at all, we may not catch it, and you may not receive your discount.

See you in October!

One Response to “Taking Time Off And A Big Sale!”

  1. Nicolette

    YAHOOO!!!! So exciting!!!! Cannot wait to purchase another for my Janet Hill collection!


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