Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House. Chapter One.


Hello everyone!  I have finally stopped fiddling with the first chapter of my short story, Lucy Crisp And The Vanishing House and it’s all set up and ready for your reading enjoyment.  For all you spelling and grammar lovers, I should mention that my book hasn’t crossed paths with a professional editor yet.  My husband John did do wonders though with what I gave him.   Imagine scraps of wrinkled paper with illegible scribbles, run- on sentences and so many grammar mishaps that I actually heard him wince on a few occasions.

I should also mention that I haven’t decided on a cover yet, I’m still having fun with them so possibly by the time the book is complete we can do some sort of vote for the cover.   I will be releasing three to four chapters of the book online (there are six in total) and then I will publish it in physical book form, either myself or I’ll find a publisher wild enough to take it on.   All of the original artwork is being held back because I would love to have a real show where people can view the paintings in person, (something that I haven’t done in over ten years) likely when the book is released.   In the meantime, I will stock my etsy shop with prints of several of the images.

Lastly, you may want a brief synopsis of the story, and I haven’t quite gotten around to that.  It’s sweet and odd and sometimes a little scary- but not too scary.  It might be considered a mystery so it’s important to pay attention to the pictures as sometimes they give little clues, sometimes… but not always.


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  1. Oh my I am already in love with the story you had me at peanut brittle and postcards as well as the white houses disappearing like sugar cubes in black coffee. But even better then your wonderful writing are your wonderful paintings to go along with it. I have been in love with your nostalgic art for quite a few years now and to see it (art being my first passion) along with your writing (books being my second passion) how lovely indeed!!!
    Can’t wait for more. Sincerely, Donna Maria

  2. I was JUST telling my husband the other day how regretful it is that stories for adults aren’t covered with artwork like those for children. Since when did we stop craving beautiful images to go with our stories? I’m LOVING this project of yours! Can’t wait to read the next chapter.

  3. How I love Chapter One! It is reminding me of reading Nancy Drew, and I am so excited for the complete work!

  4. You are so talented don’t feel beholden to take time on synopsis and give us too much. This is your art there is no right wrong way to present it. In other words people will figure it out and probably see more than you intended but that’s what’s great about putting these two mediums together. Be free something I learned for myself in fiction grad school.

  5. Love, love, love!!! Can’t wait for the hardcover book! All the best, Janet!

  6. Dear Ms. Hill:

    I stumbled across your Etsy page tonight and was compelled to write you to tell you how much I love your art. It’s not only beautiful, but each picture has a lovely story behind it, and the saturated colors you use are stunning. Looking at your art makes me happy.

    I also see that you are a writer as well. I just read the first chapter of “Lucy Crisp and the Vanishing House,” and it is utterly charming. I look forward to reading “Miss Moon the Dog Governess” when it is published.

    You note that your Lucy Crisp book has not been reviewed by a professional editor yet. I am a freelance editor and would love to provide you any editing services you might need. From proofreading, to copyediting, to developmental editing, I thoroughly enjoy collaborating with authors to help them create the work they envision. Please check out my website for information on my background and services.

    Best regards,
    Casey Decker
    The Meticulous Type


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