Enchanted Dancers

Enchanted Dancers collage

Continuing with my stage performers theme this month, here are three ‘Enchanted Dancers’ paintings.  They are all 5″x7″ in size, oil on canvas and available right now!

From left to right:

In La Sylphide The Forest Fairies Were Always Real.

Moulting Season Often Posed A Challenge For The Swan Queen.

The Music Box Ballerina’s Mesmerizing Debut Performance As The Sugar Plum Fairy.


3 Responses to “Enchanted Dancers”

  1. These are beautiful and I love the size. Makes me want to ditch the rest of my work day to rush home and watch Swan Lake & The Red Shoes.

  2. Ack! I missed them. Please say you’ll be offering prints…

    They’re just gorgeous.


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