All Hallows’ Eve, Hell’s Kitchen, New York. 1989


All Hallows’ Eve, Hell’s Kitchen, New York. 1989.  11″x14″, oil on canvas.  For sale on etsy.

Alternatively, this painting could be called ‘Awkward Halloween Costumes From the 1980s’.

Halloween is the time of year where I wish I had children so I could dress them up in ridiculously cumbersome Halloween costumes- the kind that would make them exhausted after only a block of trick-or-treating.  The cuteness factor would be through the roof though and they would feel better about themselves for having earned that candy.  My protestant roots are showing aren’t they?


5 Responses to “All Hallows’ Eve, Hell’s Kitchen, New York. 1989”

  1. I wore that exact pumpkin costume when I was a kid! Did I tell you about it, or did you see a picture of me in it? Uncanny.

    • I probably saw it when I was at your parents house and was looking through their photo albums. I still think I should do a ‘Safety Patrol Camp’ painting.

  2. Think I recognize your brother’s costume and do recall him falling down and not being able to get up. Have no memory of the roller skates though.

  3. Nicolette

    Love this!!!! I’m also pretty sure my older sister wore a pumpkin costume just like this that my mom made!! My mom made some pretty awesome costumes for us growing up! Would love to have this print to put out every year around this time!!! Happy Halloween!


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