Hotel du Lac


Hotel du Lac, oil on canvas, 20″x24″.  Sold.

It really is the naked man that makes this piece complete.   It was a tough decision though, keeping his swim trunks off.   John and I got into a terrible fight about it the other night while we ate our dinner.  He felt that the naked man was gratuitous and obvious and would detract from the grandeur of the hotel, but I felt that it added a needed tension to the piece.   Plus, I argued that it is European.  John really couldn’t argue with that, but just as we were resolving that dispute,  he muttered under his breath that the bell boy was borrowing a little heavily from Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’.  Smack!   I tried to counter that statement by telling him that I haven’t even seen the film yet.   When you live in a one horse town with one movie theatre that is still showing ‘Spaceballs’,  you quickly get behind on current cinematic offerings.

The truth is that I painted my ultimate dream hotel.   This is a place that greets guests with a synchronized  swimming show, serves fine French cuisine in the hotel restaurant, and encourages you to jump out of your window afterwards for a refreshing evening swim in the temperate lake.


7 Responses to “Hotel du Lac”

  1. Oh how I want to book next February there! you have outdone yourself and the naked man is perfect! I just love the idea of jumping out of my hotel window after a wonderful French meal AND Naked! which must be the rule at this hotel. Just that daydream alone makes my day and I feel like I am already on a vacation. I LOVE this.
    THank You!

  2. Gayle

    I was expecting you to say that John wanted a naked woman in the painting rather than a naked man. Yet another very interesting work!

  3. Susan

    I am getting so old. I didn’t even notice Nekkid Man ’til I read this–and then had to go enlarge the pic to see! So I think it’s subtle and humorous. And I, too, now want to book a room–with binoculars.

  4. Marilou

    This is my favorite painting ever. It’s breathtaking! In fact, I could not breathe for a few seconds when I first saw this. How I wish I would have been fast enough to buy it. Wonderful work! Magnifique!

  5. Hi. I’m from Europe (Germany, to be exact), and naked men are quite common here, not to say: everywhere boring. Well, that’s not exactly true, especially since this summer was all cold and rainy, but the world (or at least Europe) might be a better place with more naked men! And concerning The Great Budapest Hotel (which shares place 1, 2 and 3 of my all-time-favourite movies): There can’t be enough GBH. So, please more!
    BTW, I LOVE your paintings. And your texts. And this could be the hotel of my dreams, too!

  6. PS: I forgot an ‘and’ between ‘everywhere’ and ‘boring’. Here it is: and. You should never run short of ‘and’s’, just in case … I’m a big fan of ‘and’ instead of ‘or’.

  7. Just an observation to back up your reasoning: said man’s swim trunks likely would have come off upon impact anyway!


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