June Everheart’s Splendid Summer Home


June Everheart’s Splendid Summer Home.  20″x24″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

As promised here is one of my larger pieces.   These are fairly rare for me but I just felt like shaking it up a bit.   June is the little lady there in the middle and you may recognize the lady with the kerchief to June’s left- the star of my Brownstones painting.   This answers that question that has been keeping many of you up at night:  where the heck the Brownstones lady was going with all those pastries, coffee and flowers.  Now you know.  It was  June Everheart’s Splendid Summer Home, of course.

There is a lot of detail in this piece so to get a better view of all the nooks and crannies, please view the painting here in my etsy shop.


6 Responses to “June Everheart’s Splendid Summer Home”

  1. loooove your stories. you are so creative! if your paintings didn’t sell out so fast I’d have a chance to buy an original. 🙂 someday I’ll be quick enough and the stars will align to deliver me with the perfect piece. <3

  2. Are there also some people from the Atticus Bailey painting together with Miss Brownstone? The intertwined “storyline” is fascinating. And I think we can all appreciate a glorious summer scene after this winter!

    • I thought possibly the girl on the porch mediating with the heart shaped sunglasses could be the same girl in the red dress with the suitcase in the Atticus Bailey painting. Her hair is a little longer in this painting though. Although, the Atticus Bailey painting is a spring scene and this one is summer, so possibly she could be the same person. Lets say it is!

  3. Such a lovely painting. I think I would enjoy spending some time at June’s summer house 🙂 . Your artwork is so inspiring and love seeing what you will paint next.


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