Love Spells


Love Spells, oil on canvas, 7″x9″.  Sold.

It has been a little while since I’ve done a sweeter piece so here we go.   Red, pink, sugar, chocolate, and sinister cupids bearing arms are a welcome sight for February.   So how do you stay sane this time of year???   John and I have started our Latin food-fest month.  This is the time of year where we eat spicy food, over-indulge in Spanish and Argentinian wine, watch shark movies and pretend we are anywhere else but stuck in a cottage that is buried under a mountain of snow.

6 Responses to “Love Spells”

  1. How exactly does one get in line to be on the other end of the “sold.”? 🙂 Would love to own an original.

  2. Lindsay Earle

    Love this Janet!! I’m so sorry it won’t be hanging on my wall 🙁

  3. lovely painting.Glad you like Argentinian wine.I live in Buenos Aires .Cheers!!!!


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