Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Twelve: Make The Most Of Whatever The Weather May Bring.

Miss Moon Make The Most c

Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess.  Lesson Twelve:  Make The Most Of Whatever The Weather May Bring.  Oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  Sold.

I had fun with this one.   In fact, she may be my favourite Miss Moon for the moment.   Perhaps it’s because she seems caught in an uncharacteristic moment of unbridled joy.   I think she’s screaming, but John thinks she’s singing Christmas carols.   We had a minor argument over it and I think I won.

Can anyone else only think of the amount of wet scarves, hats and mittens that she will have to contend with later on?   I had flashbacks to elementary school- just after recess when you had to hang up wet snowsuits and mittens and the puddles they made- not to mention the musty smell of wet wool emanating from the cloakroom.  Then there was always the feeling of dismay at the end of the school day when you had to put the damp hats and scarves back on to go home.    I just wrote ‘cloakroom’ didn’t I?   Do they even use that term anymore?  I’m so out of date.  I don’t own a cellular telephone, and I say ‘cloakroom’.  Time to go watch ‘Little House On the Prairie’.


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  1. V. Ellen

    I LOVE Miss Moon. You could write a children’s book using her as the main character. Or perhaps a series of books on Miss Moon’s adventures? She is delightfully eccentric. You could go a million directions. <3

  2. I think Miss Moon is saying, “Whee!” They’re all having great fun, even the snow people.

    Love how each dog is such an individual–their personalities really show thru. My faves are the in-charge husky in front (he knows ALL about winter games) and the Irish Setter whose long hair is fluttering in the wind.

    It’s been a blast spending time with Miss Moon and her charges. Hope you’re not going to stop at 12!

    • You have a keen eye Susan. I wasn’t sure if anyone could tell if that was a Husky up front. He’s happy to be enjoying the ride, rather than doing the work. Although, I have a suspicion that he will be the one pulling the sled back up the hill. I’m not stopping at twelve- I think I still have at least ten more for the book.

  3. Oh, this one reminds me so much of my childhood — including the cloakroom at private school, wet gloves, wet boots, wet scarf, wet skirt (girls could not wear pants in Catholic school). And everything was wool. Itchy smelly wool that kept your dry until we all grabbed the toboggans and slid down the hills in our neighborhood behind everyones homes.

    This painting is so lovely. The pups are having a great day! Will you be making prints of this original?


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