Shocktoberfest 2013


Let me start by saying that this is really a filler post.   I had to take three days off from painting because of my wacky neck issues.   I think I’ve got it under control now so I’ll return to the studio tomorrow and hopefully do something more useful with myself other than nonsensical Shocktoberfest activities.   This year I’ve enjoyed it more than normal- likely because I’m not fighting it and rather adapting to the tradition.  I’ve been happily using my black cat vase/pencil holder even though Daisy seems frightened of it (silly superstitious cat), and I enjoyed my tea today in my macabre hanging pilgrim mug.   Finnegan also got in on the fun with his new mask, although he really doesn’t need it as his beautiful sweet spaniel face easily contorts to a terrible visage when he fights with Daisy.  Think evil clown grimace. I have to leave the room when he gets it out.   I also made an enormous batch of Shocktoberfest cookies and as you can see, my painting skills don’t go beyond the canvas.  However, I do think that adds to their frightening allure and they taste pretty good too.   Lastly and most importantly,  I’ve been enjoying wearing my diaphanous blouses and dresses in the spirit of the 1960’s vampire lady movies and wandering around the house late at night trying to frighten the family.


3 Responses to “Shocktoberfest 2013”

  1. I didn’t recognize Finnegan! Will he be wearing it for trick and treating?

  2. I’m getting time for nothing but getting the house up for sale (been here 25 years). Also granddaughters’ coming for Halloween!


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