Mademoiselle Mink Breakfasts In Bed

Mademoiselle Mink Breakfasts c

Mademoiselle Mink Breakfasts In Bed, oil on canvas, 11″x14″.  Sold.

I’ve taken to calling Mademoiselle Mink ‘Slinky Mink’ because well, she’s a little slinky and sly.   I am also envious of her ability to enjoy milk products- something that I sadly lack.   And on another note, I thought I should mention that my lovely English nieces are arriving later this week and so the next few weeks will be chaotic.  Throw in my mother-in-law who is arriving next week and I will likely have very little time to get any work done.  However, I will still try my hardest to carve out some quality studio time in between beach trips and lactose-free ice cream binges.


7 Responses to “Mademoiselle Mink Breakfasts In Bed”

  1. I so hope there will be more paintings added to this series — I never seem to be able to see your listings before they are sold out! Love this character and her cats — we favor and I have a black and white tuxedo cat myself. Can’t wait to see what is next in this series!

  2. Katie Rowland

    I love her feather fringed robe. What a delightful painting as ever. x

  3. Gorgeous! I’ve started my “dog” collection by purchasing your governess prints and now I’m thinking I might need to start my cat collection. 🙂 Love this one, as always.

  4. Nicolette

    Beautiful and fun as always! Love it!!! I just have to say I was soooo excited to receive Lucy as one of my 3 year wedding anniversary presents from my hubby last night!!! He knows how much I adore your work! Can’t wait to find a perfect spot for it!
    Also we were in Burlington, VT over the last couple days and I bought a card with one of your paintings on it and a box of cards too! Going to have to frame those as well 🙂 thanks for creating such wonderful paintings and stories that truly make me so happy to look at. Enjoy the time with your family!!

  5. I feel you on the lactose issue. Summer used to be more fun before I had to remember to carry Lactaid with me everywhere. I’m so glad that frozen-yogurt bars seem to be popping up lately – at least their product is lower-lactose and very tasty to boot!


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