Madame Zuella’s Magical Miniatures Pet Emporium

Madame Zuella c

Madame Zuella’s Magical Miniatures Pet Emporium.  Oil on stretched canvas, 12″x16″.  Sold.

This one came about after watching Bride of Frankenstein.   It was the scene where Dr. Pretorius reveals his ‘experiments’ which are miniature people creations- ie, a queen, a king, an archbishop, a devil, a ballerina, and a mermaid that he keeps in little glass jars- creepy.   You can see the clip here if you have never watched the film or if you are interested to see what miniature people might look like (it’s not scary).    I wondered what would happen if you could shrink animals and how sad that would be because they would inevitably become like fashion accessories.  There’s my deep thought for the day.


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  1. Susan Wilson

    So enchanting! These charming ideas & executions are driving me wild !!


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