Miniatures For Sale Today!

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I wanted to remind everyone that my miniatures will be up for sale today in my Etsy shop at 4pm EST.   Part of the reason why I decided to paint these little guys is because I’ve been getting some emails from disgruntled non North Americans wanting to purchase my original paintings but can’t because the shipping costs are so prohibitive.   So, I figured painting some tiny paintings might do the trick.  That was until I brought them to the post office to be weighed.   They cost almost as much to ship them overseas as they do to buy one.   The issue is the ‘tracking service’- not so much the size.   Because they are originals and cannot be replaced if lost at sea, I will only ship them out with tracking- and tracking is pretty affordable within Canada and the USA but unfortunately it gets expensive beyond North America.  So I wanted to get the ‘shipping sticker shock’ out of the way before I list these and hopefully curtail the angry emails.

8 Responses to “Miniatures For Sale Today!”

  1. Nicolette

    Ahh so hard to choose!!! I hope I am able to get one that I want!! 🙂 exciting!!!

  2. Doris Barsauskas

    Hello Janet-

    I am wondering if you sell at wholesale- I own a shop in Massachusetts and am interested in knowing more about your work.

    Doris Barsauskas
    MacKimmie Co.
    134 Washington Street
    Marblehead, MA. 01945

  3. Barbara

    Ok, Janet looks like you sold out of the minis! Good for you! Alas, I didn’t manage to snag one ( I know there are many of us quietly weeping computer-side right about now) but I am now more than ever determined to buy one of your originals!

  4. Janice

    Shoot! As soon as I got home from work I went right to etsy (can’t be buying stuff while I’m on the clock), and they’re ALL GONE!!!!!! Hanging head in deep sadness…………

  5. All irresistable as ever….but, alas, woke up too late this morning (Africa time)…but hopefully you will repeat this offer again. Please?

  6. I’m so upset about missing this blog post by two days!!!!! Of course your paintings would be gone the second the sale went live. I couldn’t expect to see anything available two days later. :’


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