Magic Miniatures


I’ve been working on some teeny tiny paintings lately and I’ve taken to calling them ‘Magic Miniatures’.  They are little (palm of your hand little) and pretty quirky.   I have so many ideas for paintings and quite often these ideas go nowhere.   Either they don’t translate well- from brain to canvas or their stories aren’t really stories- rather only a sentence or a blurb.  So I decided to see if they worked better on a tiny canvas and much to my surprise they did (I think).  I have around fifteen on the go and the subjects range from kidnappings, ghosts, cats, teachers, and other odds and ends.   If you are interested in acquiring a ‘magic miniature’ then please check my etsy shop on Wednesday July 10th at 4pm EST when I will be listing the lot of them.   They are roughly 2.5 inches square and will likely be around $50 each.


11 Responses to “Magic Miniatures”

  1. Nicolette

    Omg these are too cute!!!! I really hope I have a chance to possibly purchase an actual Janey Hill Original Painting! I will love it just as much even if it is only a couple inches!!! So far Dolly is my favorite!

  2. Sarah B

    Boy oh boy, I hope I can get a flowery one! I often just miss out because of the time difference to Aus but fingers crossed!

  3. Your work is so lovely. The grouping makes a wonderful statement. Thank you for sharing!


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