The Wayward Wife


Lately I haven’t felt much like working.   I think it’s spring or something.   All I feel like doing is reading books, drinking rose wine and pretending that I’m in a French film- a la Catherine Deneuve.   Here is a montage of my recent days spent as a ‘Wayward Wife’.   Lots of lounging, snacking, napping, a little painting,  keeping a messy kitchen.   Sheer bliss.  Then John discovered my book and now I’m back to work.

The good news is my canvas prints are returning to the shop in a few hours  and I’m working on a large scale still life with crazy birds and turtles -see picture of work in progress- just above John’s angry head.   .

9 Responses to “The Wayward Wife”

  1. Thanks ladies! Normally I like to take pictures of myself with my head stuck in a plywood ice cream cone cut-out, or acting like a zombie on a beach, or wearing the old pink robe that my mother-in-law gave me, but since I’m in ‘French Film Land’ right now, I felt I should clean up a little.

  2. Marisa

    These picturs are beautiful. Id love to know what book you were reading Janet- I cant make out the title. 🙂


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