Chicoree Tin

chicoree tin c

Chicoree Tin, 9″x12″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

I tried really hard to put the acute accent on the ‘e’ in Chicoree, but my keyboard won’t let me. Stupid keyboard.

Someone recently told me that I seem ‘stand-off-ish’ with my posts.  Do I seem stand-off-ish?  or aloof perhaps?   Truth is, I’ve just been painting and painting, and working on the book.  My brain is switched off social mode and I’ve become a crabby little hermit.    John screamed (high pitched variety) and spilled his coffee when he saw me the other morning- I forgot to comb my hair.  That happens in hermit mode.


9 Responses to “Chicoree Tin”

  1. You paint beautifully. I have searched for weeks for art that I would enjoy looking at and makes me smile. Yours did this! Thank you.

  2. Try e then option/shift/e (all at the same time) after that. It should come up like this… e´. Love the painting, by the way.

  3. I find your posts refreshingly short, sweet, and to the point (with some humor). If I have to read anything too long I wander off. Must be the ADHD…..

  4. Love it. Especially how you show the white flower hanging over the white tin. I would guess white on white isn’t easy to show?

    Standoffish? No way. If your posts were standoffish I wouldn’t be reading your Snickerdoodle post to my mother, who was laughing out loud.

  5. Hey, I think this is Snow White’s chipmunk! So cute.

    (I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the return of the canvas prints. :-))

  6. Katie Hawkins

    I just have to agree with what one person said, and that is it’s been a long time since I could really find some artwork that made me smile. Your pictures are so full of color and life, which I love. You have a gift!!

  7. Phyl D.

    Personally, I’ve always found your posts to be interesting, delightful and often hilarious! Not unlike many of your paintings….by any chance, was the person who told you that your posts struck them as aloof someone who works in the publishing/publicity world??? Hmmmmm (scratches head).

  8. I can’t even imagine how someone could think your posts are standoffish. I find them as charming as your paintings! They often seem to flow from a stream of conscientiousness, and coming from an artistic mind, I find them fascinating and quite humorous.

    And, I love the chipmunk. Of course, this is coming from someone who has named a couple who frequent my front and back doors.

  9. Nicolette

    First off, I think your posts are just lovely! Not sure why someone would say you were standoffish?! Your paintings are amazing as I have aquired a good assortment already. I do plan to purchase more to fill my home with color and happiness! Anyway, what is this book you are working on? I messages you before saying I wish you had a coffee table book of your work. Could it be my dream come true…?!?!


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