Beatrice In The Garden On Her Sixth Birthday

Beatrice in the garden c

Beatrice In The Garden On Her Sixth Birthday, oil on canvas, 10″x12″.  Sold.

And that’s where I’m heading right now.  Except I’m not bringing Finnegan with me.  He digs at things, then eats sticks, then has digestive issues.

I should also mention that I really haven’t ventured into my garden beyond the safe zone since last summer.   The safe zone is an arm’s length away from plants and trees.  There was an incident last year when I tried to start an herb garden.   I have a little old white park bench in the garden (very shabby chic) and I put all sorts of pots of herbs on it.  It looked very pretty, and I loved going outside to pick fresh basil for my tomato sauce.  That was until one day when I went to cut some fresh chives, and my fingers grazed something that at first glance looked like a tiny spaceship.  But when I examined it closer, I discovered possibly the ugliest bug that one could ever dream of.   It had all these ridges and wings and parts that seemed like they were made out of steel.  I tremble just thinking about it now.  I haven’t seen it since, so I’m hoping that the coast is now clear.  I’m sure the winter killed it off.



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  1. Haha. You’d love it here (not). The past few years, we’ve been overrun with stink bugs. I have friends who have entire outside walls of their homes covered in them. One friend refused to sleep in her bed because they were getting in her room at night (they can get anywhere, believe me–they’re always in my bathroom–I think they like water) so she slept all night in a chair–and woke up with about a dozen on her cover. Insert loud shriek here. They’re ugly, but basically harmless. And now we’re ready for the 17-year cicadas. (But I’m strange and actually love them.) Hope you can make it out to the garden without incident this year. 🙂

    And BTW, Beatrice is great. I’ll bet she doesn’t eat nasty garden things. Looking forward to the print/canvas print.

  2. Susan, your story terrifies me. I looked up a picture of a ‘Stink Bug’ and they look as terrible as they sound. Do they smell too? The spaceship bug that I found in my chives, looked a little similar- but more ‘pointy’.

  3. OMG, that is too funny!
    When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I would go out into my grandmother’s garden with her, as she picked flowers and herbs. I enjoyed breaking down as many spider webs I could find, with whatever branch available. My grandmother would say, “those beautiful garden spiders worked all night to weave their beautiful webs so that they could catch their morning meal and survive a well earned life”. Hhmmm… All I knew is that I didn’t want them to kill anything, survival or not, so I kept on.
    One day, I broke down the biggest web my eyes had ever seen, with the longest branch that I could find. I accomplished the demolition on Mr. Spider’s home, but where was the spider? To my horror, I could feel something moving in the back of my neck, tangled up in my hair. Screaming and yelling, my grandmother rushed to my aid, carefully untangling Mr. Spider and releasing him to it’s garden. I never did forget that incident, therefore, I do not like to garden. No sirree. Thank you very much! But I do enjoy when I receive flowers!
    BTW, I love the bull dog. So adorable!

    • Omigosh, Corinne. That gave me the willies. I once walked into one of those webs that was at face height and came eye-to-eye with the very large resident spider. That was bad enough without it actually touching me. My worst close encounter was when a brown recluse got in my bed and bit me several times on the arm–still have the scar where it rotted out the flesh–and part of the bone. HATE spiders. . . but even so I don’t kill them unless they invade my immediate space.

      Janet, supposedly the stink bugs do emit an odor if you squash them, but I’ve never actually squashed one. (I don’t have a very acute sense of smell anyway.) They’re a bit intimidating-looking, but they’re slow. If they flew around more, that would probably freak me out. As it is, when one gets in the house, I usually just scoop it up and throw it back outside. I did have one in the shower that I tried to wash down the drain. I thought he was long gone, but then he crawled back up the drain! I felt very guilty at that point and figured he deserved a second chance if he was willing to fight that hard for it, so I threw a towel on and carried him outside, too. I’m such a marshmallow that I even let insects guilt trip me.


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