Tallulah Shaw Rehearses Before Her Final Show. 1959.


Tallulah Shaw Rehearses Before Her Final Show.  1959.  Oil on canvas, 16″x20″.  Sold.

Who is Tallulah Shaw?  I’ll give it a whirl.  I suspect she was a well brought up young lady that became bored with the limitations put upon her from an early age.  In her early twenties she opted not to marry and instead she ran off and joined a circus, or some sort of traveling side show.  The  equestrian classes that she took as a young woman came in handy when she decided to move beyond her position as a magician’s assistant and become a star herself.  Unprecedented success followed and she wisely decided to retire from her career while at the peak of her stardom and move down south to raise rare long-legged birds.  That is my best guess.


4 Responses to “Tallulah Shaw Rehearses Before Her Final Show. 1959.”

  1. myra anderson

    beautiful! you are truly surpassing yourself! wonderful and beautiful!

  2. adore this image~I have done a similar one in wax of a girl at the circus. Something about bareback riding ladies that has always intrigued me. Yours is just too wonderful!


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