Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Six: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark.


Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess.  Lesson Six:  Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark.  The Creatures Of The Night Are More Afraid Of You Than You Should Be Of Them.  14″x18″, oil on canvas.  Sold.

I attempted to paint more ‘scary’ dogs this time but not sure if that really comes across.  I think they just look like gentle giants.  Although the German Shepherd is based on a dog that bit me when I was younger and he looks rather nasty.  His name was ‘Shamus’ (never will forget that terrible name) and he terrorized me for at least a year.  He was our neighbors’ dog and for some reason they took to chaining him up in their garage with the door open just around the time that I would return home from school every afternoon.   I’m not sure what his problem was exactly- maybe the chain, or maybe it was simply me, but he was one angry dog.   Every afternoon I tried to tiptoe by his house, desperately hoping not to be noticed by him, but he always spotted me and always went mental.  Finally the day came when the chain broke and he tore after me.   Somehow I managed to get to my house and got the garage door open just as he lunged at me and bit the back of my leg.  After that, Shamus was confined to the backyard and I rarely ever saw him again, but his memory haunts me sometimes.  He will always be the scariest dog in the world to me.  He seems to like Miss Moon though, and I think he’s turned from a boy to a girl judging by his pink sleep mask- or maybe he has mellowed a little and acquired an affection for pink.



2 Responses to “Miss Moon Was A Dog Governess. Lesson Six: Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark.”

  1. Great one. And I really love how you balanced all the darks in this painting. (Funny, I have a similar memory and aversion to German Shepherds. Miss Moon is an equal opportunity governess doing us a good service.)

  2. Vanessa

    Miss Moon has rescued Shamus from his chains and now he has no reason to be angry. No one that wears a pink sleepmask is angry. But I am certain that she gave him quite a long talking -to about his bad behavior and he is very sorry.
    I am enamoured with your work! I love each and every painting and just looking at them makes me happy. I am like the bees in ‘Bewitched’: …”which one, which one?”…


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